Where were you in summer 2020, when you realized that you could only associate with the people in your household and when outside the home you were required to wear a mask and distance yourself 2 meters??!!

How could The Park Ecovillage Findhorn (TPE Findhorn) survive the impact to our economic life –  faced with closed FF trainings,  B&B’s, Phoenix Café, businesses,  cultural activities of all kinds – no singing, no dancing, no film, no theatre?

How were we supposed to spread the updates about the pandemic when we were being kept isolated by design? With perfect timing, the Findhorn Angel inspired several brilliant cultural responses to cheer the soul and connect the community. We wrote in a prior RB about David Robinson’s Zoom Taizé – now let’s appreciate 3 initiatives manifested by Laura Pasetti, that inspired vibrant connections.  I’ve told the story in a short blog series – with Extra Resource Connections … read on.

This short blog series tells the story of how Laura Pasetti’s eco-theatre enlivened the dark days of the pandemic at The Park Ecovillage Findhorn. The series includes:

Extra Resources: 

1. See the video recording of the Red Ball Click Here. Password: F1b7!Pi9eQ

2. Watch/listen to Marilyn Hamilton’s interview with Laura Pasetti Click Here .

3. Read the Transcript of the full Laura Passetti Interview aug 24 2022. Click Here.