CAPI – Coalescing Authority Power and Influence – a term coined by Ichak Adizes – is usually applied to organizational relationships and impacts.

But the death of Queen Elizabeth II may engender the grandest CAPI that has never been contemplated. For on a global scale, September 19, 2022 will see the greatest confluence of world leaders on one date in one place the world has ever seen.

The death of Queen Elizabeth II has invited those who wield the world’s authorities, powers and influence to a ritual celebration of the passing of one who held all three capacities – the authority of ancestry, the power of the crown and the influence of the royal audience.

The exercise of this CAPI ritual may also mark more than the ritual passing of a way of life. Presiding over the Commonwealth, United Kingdom and 6 royal palaces may also be coming to a real end. As one Queen passes, the new King may never again have the occasion to coalesce such CAPI.

For the Civic Managers, Business/Innovators and even 3rd Sector Leader who treasure the status quo and the vested interests they wish to protect, this occasion might likewise mark a proverbial closing of many doors that enclose a way of life so that new doors may open into new possibilities – unexpected or even unheard of.

Will it be possible with all the preparation that this funeral procession has entailed to control the dynamic outcomes that might ensue from such a gathering. Or is it by design that a million unexpected outcomes might shift the meaning of coalescing authority, power and influence for ever more?

What will happen when one leader seated beside another on the bus to the cathedral makes a comment that opens doors to the resolution of a long misunderstanding?

What possibilities can ensue when one’s table mate reframes on an environmental conundrum that prevents disaster?

What comment overheard between two heads of state leads a third to realize that new options can be considered for regional supply chains?

What touch of empathy on one leader’s arm causes another to witness a compassion they had never suspected was there?

Whatever CAPI Queen Elizabeth II inspired in her life, it may turn out that it is in her death she has become the strangest attractor for Peace yet imagined on this Earth. (A unique manifestation of Gaia’s Reflective Organ?) For in honouring one person, the leaders of the world will be honouring all humankind. For they will be respecting the commitment, value and love of Life that she represented. And they will know that in acknowledging her strengths they are recognizing the same possibilities in each and all of them.

Queen Elizabeth’s life is an Ubuntu CAPI that says, I am (a great Coalescer) because you are (a great Coalescer).