During her lifetime Queen Elizabeth II was the queen of the United Kingdom and Commonwealth of Nations. Her affinities were clearly joined to Britain internally and externally.

At the same time, her 70 years of power, authority and influence gave her a natural position of “overview”. She had a sense of not only her own kingdoms, but her ties of blood, royalty and heads of state made her a natural witness of the world order.

When her own subjects became too ethnocentric (as in the Scottish referendum) she cautioned them to think bigger.

Perhaps the Queen represents a natural leader of those world citizens who have claimed their nationality to be “global citizens” – Gaians of a world order.

The Gaian Order would do worse than to honour a Queen who might rightfully assume leadership of the humans that James Lovelock called Gaia’s Reflective Organs.

For in her role, she not only honoured the endless ceremony her position demanded of her, but she also had the privilege of weekly reflection with 15 Prime Ministers of the United Kingdom. What other country offers to its leaders of country and/or state the opportunity to reflect on affairs with a private, discreet and dispassionate “overviewer” as they unfold?

Queen Elizabet II met every visiting head of state, enjoyed the inspiration of leaders of every sector from arts and sports to science and history, from at least 7 generations. She maintained an ongoing curiosity as monarch, a tolerance as spouse and a caring heart as parent/grandparent.

Even as the Commonwealth dissolved around her, her relationship with national leaders located in geographies and cultures where once the sun never set, gave her a natural position to appreciate multiple global perspectives. Perhaps only someone with her capacities deserves to represent a species with such evolutionary diversity in its very unity?

As queen of Gaia’s Reflective Organs, Queen Elizabet II seems to have had the disposition as well as the self-discipline and training to inspire a whole species to honour Gaia. Such an overview of our planet through the lens of a royalty who committed herself to a lifelong devotion to Gaia, would deepen our respect for one another and further Gaia’s evolution .

RIP, Queen Elizabeth II, our first Gaian Royal. May you not be the last.