Peace Week 2022 offers the occasion to transmute Pieces (fragments, divisions, separations) into Peace (alignment, wholeness, coherence) through an exploration of the Unitive Narrative.

An emergence from the Evolution Leaders, the Unitive Narrative tells a story of how Gaia has a story to tell that unites all of life.

Many stories humanity tells itself in media, with colleagues, between friends, across nations and among cities are about division, fragmentation and separation.

But what if we could wake up to know we are inseparable? What if this time of transformation gives us the opportunity to reinvent our story into one of wholeness and interconnection? What if unity is no longer an aspiration (as it has been for 77 years at the United Nations)?

What if we created a unitive narrative that different voices and cultures could share? What if our new story could link us up and lift us up – recalibrating our many pieces into Peace?

Our Peace Week webinar explores how a unitive narrative is releasing Love in Action. We will hear a new story that unites a world of voices and is on the verge of being adopted by the UN Unity Cluster. The unitive narrative proposes:

To paraphrase the great narrator of human experience, Joseph Campbell: The only narrative that is going to be worth thinking about in the immediate future is one that is talking about the planet and all beings on it. This new narrative will need to be grounded in widespread unitive consciousness, which includes a felt sense of unity with all life, unity with the ineffable source of all being, and unity with the evolutionary flow. (Read the whole unitive narrative here.)

First developed with the SDG Thought Leaders of the Evolutionary Leaders, this unitive narrative has been adapted for specific application to Integral City. Now the initiative of Living Cities Earth is using the unitive narrative for Cities to align 25 international members as they co-discover how to human well in harmony with nature.

During Peace Week, September 22, 2022, we will co-facilitate a discussion to explore how a unitive narrative can transform pieces into Peace.  We will apply the Unitive Narrative to Integral Cities and Living Cities Earth.

Time: 13:30 CEST, 12:30 BST, 7:30 EDT 


Join Presenters: Jude Currivan Unitive Narrative Co-Creator, Marilyn Hamilton (host), Marina Demchenko, Lev Gordon