As we amplify the influence of the Integral City paradigm, we are co-midwifing a planet of Integral Cities through the emergence of Living Cities Earth. Our impulse is attracting co-creators (more than 25 at writing). Seeking ways to align our multiple, trans-generational, trans-cultural perspectives we have been inspired to weave our narrative into the Unitive Narrative developed by the Evolutional Leaders.

To celebrate Peace Week 2022, we share below our working draft of Unitive Narrative for Living Cities Earth.


Until recently humans related to Nature as dominators of life entitled to control, manage, interbreed and command it. Human settlement generally focused on external bricks and mortar adapted to one of the world’s 17 geographies. Our cities were defined by land-based boundaries, nations, states, zones and streets as dictated by dominator hierarchies.

This paradigm was enshrined in city technologies, organizations, faith communities, interpersonal relationships and subjective self-sense. City systems were largely operated as cybernetic externally designed and managed systems. Such command and control patterns were embedded in education, health-care, emergency response, justice and social care systems, as well as the infrastructures that supported city transportation/mobility, communication, finance, resource distribution, energy, water, waste and food management.

Regeneration sciences show that cities are impacting nine major Earth resources that constrain support for all life. New economic paradigms reveal the continuity of all life will depend on recalibrating the relationship between Earth constraints and human social justice factors.

The sciences of social and living systems reveal that human mental and spiritual wellbeing determines the quality of life in cities – measured both in terms of “care” for all life (planet, place, people, persons) and experienced as deep happiness when such care resonates, coheres and emerges at multiple scales.

Urban Planet/EU calculates Earth has 10,000 cities with more than 7 billion people in as many as 4.1 million “places”.

UN Habitat calculates that in 2030, 50% of human population will live in cities; already in 2022 90% of the developed world lives in cities.

The IPCC 2022 “Code Red” Report warns that climate change is caused by human activity – arising primarily from how we live in cities and how we produce and manage the resources that support human life in cities.

Cities must assume responsibility for their relationship to their bioregions and between cities sharing the same bioregion. This can redress the historical pollution and depletion of city-adjacent bioregions and create regenerative city eco-footprints. Bio-region regeneration can reduce the developed-world city use of resources requiring 3-5 planets to the developing-world city use of 1 planet or less.

The combination of city-making capacities of objective/actions, interobjective systems and city-caring capacities of subjective beliefs/responses and intersubjective cultures/relationships, creates an integral paradigm that reframes the city dominator hierarchy into a living, organic, complex, wholistic view of the city in regenerative relationship with its bioregion.

Such a tetra-integrated paradigm reveals cities have multiple intelligences energized by an evolutionary impulse at their core – like a kind of GPS – with nested developmental lifecycles that recalibrate city relationships with their bioregion(s).

Planetary scientists consider Earth/Gaia is a living system that has evolved all life on the planet – including humans – potentially as Gaia’s Reflective Organs as cities, with organizations as organelles and individuals as cells.

When contexted and underpinned by the cosmology of a Unitive Narrative this integral view of cities maps the fractal, holographic nature of human systems from the individual to the family/group/organization, to the city to the planet. Thus, both the agency of individuals and the influence of collectives create a unifying field effect – the relationship between ME/WE/All (including WE mapped as multiple nested interconnected organizations).

LCE views each city as a complex, adaptive, living, spiritual human habitat, in right relationship to its humans, bioregion, all other cities and the planet. We foster the emergence of a living ecosystem of cities — a rhizomic meshwork that augments our capacity to human well on this living Earth. We focus on life-affirming, future-creating, and opportunity-increasing ways to Interbe, with each other and with all life.

LCE embeds into this paradigm governance (education, health, justice, etc.) aligned as 4 levels of care (person, people, place, planet) and co-creates service with the intelligences of Nature unto the 7th Generation (150 years). LCE co-designs, cooperatively and collaboratively with all city-makers and city-carers offering maps, processes, toolkits, technologies and resources aligned with this Unitive Narrative.

As we imagine, explore, manifest, nurture and curate, through the empowerment of Interbeing (none of us is as smart as all of us) we feel fully alive while also contributing to the integral development of 10,000 cities, 7+ billion human beings and one living planet.