Meet Dr. Jude Currivan, Integral City Meshworker 2022.

Dr. Jude Currivan is a cosmologist, planetary healer, futurist, author, co-founder of WholeWorld-View and member of the Evolutionary Leaders Circle .

Jude is a life-long researcher into the scientific and experiential understanding of the nature of reality, integrating leading edge science, research into consciousness and universal wisdom teachings into a wholistic worldview.

In 2017 Jude co-founded WholeWorld-View to communicate the emergent paradigm of unified reality and to serve the understanding, experiencing and embodying of unitive awareness to empower conscious evolution, involving linking up and lifting up with a growing number of global partners.

Jude was previously, in the mid 1990s one of the most senior international business women based in the UK, being the Group Finance Director (CFO) of in turn two global and several- hundred million pound turnover companies. Her extensive and ongoing expertise and knowledge of world events, systems and trends, has led her to speak on transformational reforms in the UK, US, Europe, Japan, South Korea and Australasia.

She co-founded The Coach House, a wholistic centre at Avebury (1995- 1999) and was the co-principal of The Earth School (1999 – 2003) dedicated to the education of perennial wisdom teachings and Gaia-centred learning. She is also a master dowser and for a number of years was a healer and teacher at the College of Psychic Studies, London. Her double CD Heart, Mind & Purpose (Hay House, 2009) also shares her understanding of and attunements with the transpersonal levels of emergent awareness now available to humanity.

In 2010 Jude was presented with a CIRCLE award by Won Buddhism International and, sponsored by the United Nations, cited for her ‘outstanding contribution towards planetary healing and expanding new forms of consciousness’.

Jude is the author of seven books, latterly the best-selling and Nautilus award-winning The Cosmic Hologram: In-formation at the Center of Creation (Inner Traditions, 2017 audiobook 2022) and The Story of Gaia: The Big Breath and the Evolutionary Journey of our Conscious Planet (Inner Traditions, 2022). These are the first two books of the Transformation Trilogy, and the third book Many Voices, One Heart will focus on the potential embodiment of our conscious evolution as a species.

As a member of the Evolutionary Leaders circle (since 2014), Jude asked: “How can we expect to align, cooperate and collaborate if we do not have a shared story of our origins? As Evolutionary Leaders, who are our ancestors? How can we tell a story that reflects a unitive narrative of the evolutionary impulses that have brought us to this moment?

Initiating a profound inquiry with the Synergy Circle of Evolutionary Leaders in 2021, Jude helped catalyze an exploration of what such a unitive underpinning could be. At the beginning 2022 the circle released to the world a unitive narrative whose merits were immediately apparent to Integral City – such that we published the original unitive narrative and then adapted it so that it could serve cities in their quest to find coherence internally, coalesce bio-regionally and network globally.

At the same time, Integral City Meshworks offered the unitive narrative for cities to the emerging global collaboration of Living Cities.Earth (LCE). The Unitive Narrative for Cities became a foundational document for LCE that enabled a diversity of global actors to join interests in discovering how to human well in service to the wellbeing of Gaia – aligning individuals, collectives and bio-regions in harmony with Nature.

At time of granting this award, the United Nations has just recognized the significance and value of the unitive narrative and has adopted a Unitive Thematic Cluster of a founding coalition of 16 NGOs to engage and apply its qualities to wake up, grow up, link up and lift up UN membership to generate lasting coherence amongst the 193 nations who are UN signatories.

Parallel to the release of the unitive narrative, in 2022, Jude published “The Story of Gaia: The Big Breath and the Evolutionary Journey of our Conscious Planet”. This book (reviewed here) explores and explicates the birth of Gaia in cosmic terms, tracing the scientific evidence for reframing our understanding of evolution through the lens of consciousness.

Essentially this book reveals the scientific roots of the Evolutionary Intelligence that is core to the Integral City worldview of cities as complex, integral, living, evolutionary human systems with multiple intelligences – “human hives” evolving as Gaia’s Reflective Organs.

Jude Currivan demonstrates the universal qualities of the Master Code of Care – the core operating principle of Integral City Meshworks. Her evolutionary path reveals:

  • The agency of the individual who lives the evolutionary impulse – to care for themselves as representatives of all Life.
  • The interconnectivity of collectives as emergent from the Wholeness and Oneness all life – to wisely care for each other.
  • The outer connectivity of humans to Place – where we are grounded and supported in our cities and bioregions to care for and honour all Life.
  • We naturally care for our Planet Gaia – by aligning care for individuals, collectives and places.

The joy and passion with which Jude shares the intimate scientific details of  The Story of Gaia as a journey of Consciousness evolving across the 14 billion years of our universe, more than merit her qualifications as Integral City Meshworker of Year 2022.

However, when we examine the practical implications of the unitive narrative to understanding city/bio-region wholeness, that naturally flows from this evolutionary journey, we can propose that Jude has expanded the boundaries by which we usually contain the qualities of the Meshworker of the Year. For Jude’s stance as pioneer of Evolution’s Impulse demands that we climb into her cosmos-viewing vehicle out beyond Earth’s atmosphere to appreciate that our ancestors include the solar system, galaxy and the whole universe.

If humans are Gaia’s reflective organs, then Jude’s mirror shows us that to truly appreciate the lineage of our ancestors, our reflections must be stretched beyond planetary constraints out to the Universe’s Big Breath – the very beginnings of time/space.

Jude calls us to recalibrate our very Aliveness. She proposes that we:

  • Think Cosmically

  • Feel Globally

  • Act Locally.

With this injunction, we can safely say that Jude has gone beyond even meshworking, or meshweaving to “meshworlding” a full story of Conscious Evolution. In so doing she is birthing a whole new order of Meshworker of the Year. In her own words she has linked us up and lifted us up to mature our wholeworld-view of aliveness.

Jude’s insights impact every aspect of the Integral City Frameworks – from the Master Code of Care, 12 Intelligences, 5 Maps, 4 Voices, Biomimicry Fractal Patterns and Placecaring/Placemaking Principles.

Breathing Evolutionary Life into the Master Code of Care

Jude has demonstrated that all the qualities that human systems manifest at the scale of the human hive, can be traced to scientific evidence. Furthermore, with her initiatives of the unitive narrative and tracing the Story of Gaia as a Conscious Planet, she has demonstrated the “All Quadrant, All Levels” integral wholeness of meshworking at the largest scale imaginable. Jude has dared to bring together Evolutonary Leaders, a cluster at the United Nations, aligning thought leaders from both science and spirituality, at all scales from the individual, to groups, to places to the planet.

As Jude exhales her Big Breath from Consciousness she blesses us all with the energy of aliveness as our natural respiration and inspiration.

In recognition of her service to planetary evolution and aliveness, Integral City Meshworks is proud to award Dr. Jude Currivan with the honour of Meshworker of the Year 2022.


For more information on Jude’s work connect with these websites: Evolutionary Leaders Circle (  and WholeWorld-View (


Definition of Meshworker

A Meshworker of the Year demonstrates the meshworking intelligence as defined on the websiteMeshworking intelligence creates a “meshwork” by weaving together the best of two operating systems — one that self-organizes, and one that replicates hierarchical structures. The resulting meshwork creates and aligns complex responsive structures and systems that flex and flow.

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