When I look over 2022 I am struck not just with the phenomenon of Transitioning at an epochal level. But the year was phenomenally resonant with new connections, reconnections from year’s past and disconnections as new opportunities drew people apart. (See Table below.)

The activities around re/dis/new connecting has made the year vitally dynamic – breathing energy into patterns that have served long enough. It seems as if Life itself has woken up and is stimulating new creations by disturbing connections.

At the end of 2022, as China emerges from the most stringent covid lockdown conditions of any nation, it is like a traffic light is flickering back and forth around the Yellow signal. For some of us the shift is from traffic light Red to Yellow – suggesting the release from autocratic control to more individual survival is disrupting life conditions in many  world(s) that have been held in suspension at the Red Stoplight of centralized (life) control . This flickering Yellow will signal deaths to the most vulnerable individuals and organizational chaos to health providers and systems. The West, who is further along the trajectory of the pandemic cycle, will watch with interest if China’s zero tolerance followed by few(er) rules will prove a better strategy (in all ways) than the flexible, series of staged responses followed by the West in the last 3 years.

For others of us watching the flickering around Yellow signals , we are observing a shift from traffic light Yellow to Green – as those people and organizations like airlines, tourist industries and retailers experiment with pretending that life can return to pre-pandemic denials of climate change.

But the unexpected return to war in Europe is a shock of disconnection to generations of Europeans who had thought they would not ever again witness conflict at this scale on their landscape. The ripple effects of the invasion by Russia into Ukraine have upended energy markets, food distribution, manufacturing costs, quality and cost of living , climate change strategies, regenerative economies and probably most of all, mutual trust and respect between peoples. It has given licence to other rebels (like North Korea and Iran) to test the strength of moral constraints of a range of human ecosystems from COP27, to NATO, to the EU, to the United Nations.

As time moves us from 2022 to 2023 we feel the dissonance in our disconnections, while at the same time we sense a deep longing for the promise of coherence in new and re-connections.

For all the lessons of incoherence and uncertainty that Covid 19 has taught us – perhaps one of the most valuable lessons is to watch how the biosphere of the virus has transmuted and transformed to evolve new ways of connecting so that it can survive. Contagion itself has been modified so the severity we experience is less, even as the propensity for spreading the virus widens and speeds up. These are hard lessons when viewed as biology through a micro-lens – but may be very fruitful lessons when viewed as metaphors through a macroscopic lens.

Does 2022 mark the year when we quietly admit that “something profound has to change?” Have we become ready enough to disconnect from life-destroying behaviours so that we can connect in new ways for actions that support Life, Aliveness and Evolution?

Table of (Re/Dis) Connecting

 The table below opens doors that are daring, demanding and delightful. As Integral City Community of Practise has matured new opportunities for learning have emerged to build capacities for Integral Citizens, Civic Managers, Business/Innovators, 3rd Sector Leaders.



Connecting to Integral City Frame Website Focus
Nest City/ Beth Sanders 4 Voices City Makers City Planning/Managing Pratitioners:a community of relationships for energizing, creative  and effective city work.
Lifemaps/Ellen van Dongen 4 Voices, Master Code of Care, Peace Lifemaps NL Lifemaps offer an instrument for intuitive self-discovery,  using scenario and story about a personal or societal theme or a global issue.
Enlivening Edge/ Lia Aurami Organizational Reinvention for Business, Civil Society, Civic Managers Enlivening Edge Accelerates the evolution of organizationas and social systems engaging with Organizational Designers, Practitioners
Knowing Field Designs/ Diana Claire Douglas Systemic Constellation Work for all Integral City Frameworks, Practices Knowing Field Designs Offers Systemic Facilitation offered through Coaching, Consulting and Training for Individuals, Organizations + Social Collectives
The Hague Center for Global Governance, Innovation & Emergence / Anne-Marie Voorhoeve Heart-centered collaborations, meshworks, governance, research using Integral City Intelligences The Hague Centre Global networks for Unity, Peace, Meshworking
Living Cities: Earth/ Marilyn Hamilton, Lev Gordon + Co-Founders Global Practices for a Planet of Cities including Master Code of Care, Education, Business, City Management Livingcities.earth Healthy and Happy Cities in Harmony with Nature
Community Action Networks / Indra Adnan CAN’s are in communities around globe, discovering in real life how to live, work, play, co-create CANs Self-organizing, bottom up initiatives in Europe, Latin America, South Africa, India, Australia, USA, Canada. Featured in CROFT Novella
Global Ecovillage Network / Marilyn Hamilton, Anna Kovasna Ecovillage living/learning  network organized regionally & globally GEN Applying the principles of ecovillage like The Park Ecovillage Findhorn Scotland to city relationships, structures, development
Donut Economics / Kate Raworth, Leonora Grcheva Action Labs for regenerative city living system economics based on living Social Justice within Earth Constraints DEAL Calculate, draw, collaborate to create City Selfie; e.g. Amsterdam. Featured in CROFT Novella
Prosocial / David Sloan Wilson, Marilyn Hamilton Using living systems Elinor Ostroms Commons Principles to work with Civic Managers, Business, 3rd Sector to serve and align with all life. Prosocial Apply 8 Commons Principles to creating community systems that work for all life. Apply Science & Spirituality to Commons Practices. Featured in CROFT Novella
Social Change 2.0 / David Gershon Implementing sustainable city change block by block – subtle use of 4 Voices Social Change 2.0 Research shows that engaging citizens where they live makes the greatest change possible, supporting neighbours to support one another. Featured in CROFT Novella
Living Cities:Earth / Marilyn Hamilton, Lev Gordon 30+ global co-founders creating a Planet of Integral Cities using all Integral City frameworks cohering them other global frameworks. Livingcities.earth Demonstrates in real time how leaders around the globe are ready and willing to serve cities as Living, Happy Human Systems in Harmony with Nature.
Moments of Mass Mindfulness ; Feast for the Soul / Sue Cooper, Integral City Graduate Sharing the capacity building practices for consciousness individually and collectively using mindful meditation. Applies to all 4 Quadrants and 4 Voices. MOMM Sue Cooper, working in Nottinhamshire, UK demonstrates how to invest in and support children’s capacity building through Positively Empowered Kids.
Regenerative Centre / Jenny Andersson Applying all the principles of Regeneration to Cities and Bioregions. Regenerative Centre  Offering courses for regenerative future where both people and nature live in harmony and we have resilient and adaptable economic strategies.