I have been observing 2022 as the Year of Transition and the Year of (Re)Connection. I commented to a colleague that it was also the Year of Recalibrating – or at least the Year of the Eve of Recalibrating.

“What does recalibrating mean?” she asks.

I suggest that recalibration is the experience that needs to happen after learning at a profound level occurs – learning that shifts our worldview, behaviours, psychology, relationships and systems.

Recalibration is built into the fundamental Integral Intelligence – it occurs as the 4 quadrants upshift from one level of complexity to another.

Recalibration is necessary to consolidate and integrate our new learning – because we don’t just ascend a new step on the staircase of development and everything we have ever known stays the same.

Rather this new learning causes us to revisit all that we have held, believed, related to before. We are called to re-story, re-appreciate and re-calibrate those insights so that they cohere with our new learning.

If we do not re-calibrate our new learning, it is incoherent. To take full advantage of the value of our new learning we need to recalibrate all that has come before. That will release energies, blocks, constraints and inconsistencies.

Recalibrating may call forth the work of trauma healing, revaluing our resources/assets, reappreciating the relationships in our lives.

It may also require for us to disconnect from people, things and understandings that have been fundamental to our lives until now. But if we cannot recalibrate we will fail to generate a new operating system to benefit from our new learning. This may make us incapable of effective capacity building for Meshworking – using this Intelligence to respond to life conditions by combining the most appropriate operating system with the most appropriate structures.

Recalibrating will require new patterns, new expectations, new intentions and new structures. This sounds like a lot of hard work or even threatening.

And it may well feel like that as we do the work. Because we are literally learning how to live at a new frequency of life. (Recalibrating is necessary as we traverse the Power scaffold from Power Over, Power With and Power As – whether that be for individuals or for organizations.) But when we do the work, we will be able to look in the mirror as an individual or look at the group or organization as a collective and see that we have responded to the change of life conditions that brought about the transition from one era or one epoch to another. We will see the path that Evolutionary Intelligence has taken.

So, when we look back at 2022 and recognize the transition points and pattern reconnections that have emerged, we may be able to  recognize that our recalibrations were necessary and inevitable in the grand process of change. Recalibrating will open doors to Cities of Peace, to the Unitive Narrative and to Living Cities serving a Living Earth.