In 2022 we asked and looked around the world for a city or city association that exemplified best the qualities of Integral City. However, receiving no nominations, we looked into the eyes of the co-founders of LivingCities:Earth (LCE) and decided to recognize the initiative of a nascent, energizing collaboration that holds great promise to grow and spread the qualities of Integral City to a Planet of Cities.

Integral City(as LCE co-founder) declares our vested interest in LCE, as we join the commitment of more than 30 LCE co-founders to nurture cities that  “human well” in service to all life on Gaia. Perhaps not surprisingly 3 of the co-founders are Integral City Meshworkers of the Year.  The City of the Year award in 2022 is joined by a new City Global Collaboration Award.

We believe that LivingCities:Earth reflects the intentions of Integral City to co-create a Planet of Integral Cities and we welcome LCE as a great collaboratory to experiment with enabling that to happen.

Living Cities: Earth – a Nascent Emergent City Mycellium

At time of writing LCE’s first public face was seen/heard on World Unity Week Meshwork Convergence Room – sharing our discoveries and inviting interest from cities and citizens around the world.

We sense (through a collective field of consciousness?) that LCE can integrate leaders and institutions worldwide in a global initiative that serves cities through their 4 voices and future generations (unto the 7th). The LCE seed team (and growing core team) can facilitate and AQtivate an Overview Effect for all the energies and strategies regenerating Aliveness in cities and ecoregions.

LCE intends to bring a special wave of energy to growing an ecology of city associations that are using new media to share how cities thrive wholistically when connecting to the living, emergent mycellium of Caring for Planet/Place/People/Person.

As the nodes and connective strands in our network of Living Cities: Earth become visible to one another, LCE will make Living Cities the norm for children, families and all the 4 Voices of the city. We imagine that trauma and conflict can be resolved in Living City Peace Rooms and Fully Alive Regeneration Hubs.

We ponder the possibility that the most powerful way to invite Earthlings into the network will be to ask empowering questions. This is how we intend to meet people where they are at, to support humaning well in harmony with all Nature. 

Our collaboratory begins with an Infograph that captures the people and places who sit in the grand question:

How can who, lead whom, to do what, with what group of people, where, for what purpose?