David Robinson, initiator of the Findhorn Zoom Taize Community, invited me to share a few thoughts about Being in the World in 2023.

This is what I shared with the Findhorn Zoom Taize Community on January 1, 2023.

If David had asked me about Being in the World in 2020 I would have had a health focus –  being wary of the emerging covid19 – as I was about to depart for South Korea. But I wouldn’t have foreseen a declaration of a global pandemic.

For 2021 I might have speculated about the global economy which was reeling from the almost worldwide lockdowns. But I wouldn’t have foreseen the impact on Findhorn Ecovillage of 2 fires that destroyed our Sanctuary and Community Centre.

For 2022 I might have criticised the lack of commitment to COP 26 climate actions, but I would never have imagined Russia declaring war on Ukraine or the death of Queen Elizabeth.

So, I am naturally cautious to ponder what experiences might lie ahead in 2023. I am seeing such an urge to connect groups and communities across the world – through Community Action Networks, Bright Spots, and Living Cities: Earth. People are discovering connections that make a difference across the street, in their communities, around the world and deep in their souls.

Futurists- including city futurists like me, may predict 2023 through the Visible lenses of 6 Big Challenges–– Energy, Water, Climate, Food, Biogenetics and the Psycho-Cultural. Media headlines may translate these into dramas about inflation, energy, economics and unemployment – stoking fears of scarcity, trauma, unfair competition and lack.

Being in the World in 2023 – facing experiences that arise out of these challenges –leads us naturally to ask, how can we endure these tensions?

I suggest that Being in the World in 2023 – no matter how it turns out – will call forth Gaia’s Code of Care – for Self, Others, Places, Planet – what I call a Care-Ma Yoga practice.

Some of you may know that in mid-2022, I shared in the Rainbow Bridge how David curated the experience of Taizé on Zoom – inventing a form of Care-Ma Yoga.

Firstly, as our individual selfs sing on mute we are privileged to be our own unique version of any of the 4 harmonies – bass, tenor, alto, soprano.

Meanwhile we are conscious of singing with others as we see the entire gallery of global singers accompanying us.

Through our regular encounters we have become aware of the many individual Taizé Places –  expanded out from Findhorn/Forres across the UK into Europe, Africa, Middle East, India, North and South America, Australia and Japan.

Through our reminders from Eileen’s Guidance at each session we attune to our local and planetary sacred realities as well as visible and invisible worlds.

Of course, David has encouraged interconnections, drawing out passions, performances and participation from all – and in so doing he has amplified a special form of musical globality.

So perhaps a generative way of Being in the World in 2023 is to become conscious of Being in 4 Worlds – that we live through every day of our lives – the Worlds of Self, Others, Place and Planet. And one way of doing this is to appreciate how our Taizé sacred songs support us in our practices.

  • Being in the world of self means I love and accept myself exactly as I am. I care to learn how to live wisely and well in all I do-be-relate and cocreate.

Our Taizé is Celebrating Self Today with the songs of: “I am one with the Heart of the Mother” and “I am Alive” .

  • Being in the world of others means expanding my circle of compassion to care for others – family, friends, neighbours, co-workers. I love and accept all beings exactly as they are. In caring for others, I appreciate their gifts, talents and differences that make a difference.

Our Taizé is Celebrating Others Today with the songs of: “Kindle a Flame” and “E Malama”.

  • Being in the world of place expands my circle of compassion to embrace my community, or town, village or city and appreciate the life conditions of geography, ecology, bioregion and built environment that supports 4 or more generations of humanity that co-exist in our places today.

Our Taizé is Celebrating Place Today with the songs of: “Between Darkness & Light I Will Always Walk” and “Let Go Let Go, Surrender & Flow”.

  • Being in the world of planet awakens us to the beautiful living Earth that is our Mother and how all life has been evolved by her. When we honour our relationship to her life, it honours our ancestors and brings us deeply present to the science and spirituality of our Oneness.

Our Taizé is Celebrating Planet Today with the songs of: “Let the Beauty We Love” and “If people lived their Lives as if it Were a Song”.

So Being in the World in 2023 has the promise from the start – January 1st today –  of our Zoom Taizé generating Care-Ma Yoga – for the 4 voices of harmony from all the human habitats around the world.

Being in the World in 2023 can start and finish with a Care-Ma Yoga Taizé practice which is simply this:

Begin each day with Gaia’s Code of Care –

As you sound OMMM to yourself, ask: “how shall I care for myself, others, place, planet?

And at the end of each day with a closing OMMM of gratitude, Reflect on how you have cared for yourself, others, place and planet.”


May this CARE-MA Yoga become part of your Taizé practice –

of Being Well in the World in 2023.


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