Islands of Calm Meditations, on Saturday mornings started on Zoom and continue on Zoom so that we can ripple calm out from Findhorn across the world every week.

From the original disturbance to our systems starting with Covid threats and lockdown isolations, we have become aware how life conditions in the world can impact us as close as the family we live with or friends we walk with or workers we create with. Or change that ripples through our communities, hedgerows, food gardens or tree guardians. Or we can feel the trauma of wars far away or earthquakes across the world. Or climate-change weather turning places we know into flood zones, burning infernos or tornado alleys.

David Spangler proposed that finding an Island of Calm in ourselves, creates the capacity to influence 1000 other people. With the challenges we face in such a turbulent world we have asked ourselves – is this practice what the world still needs? And, in true Findhornian fashion, we found instruction from Eileen that assures us our practice has merit. Eileen says:

There is a tremendous amount you can do to help [the world] by the work you do on the inner in radiating Love and Light … this work which is being done on the inner is simply tremendous. lt is holding the whole world in balance, so never cease, never let up in any way but carry on faithfully. (Eileen’s Guidance, Dec. 30)

So, – no matter our time zones, challenges or opportunities, we have learned the value of co-creating Islands of Calm with others – not only humans – but with Allies from the subtle realms. We feel the comfort and strength of inviting in the Nature Spirits, the Sidhe, Beings from the Four Directions, Landscape Angels and Angels like Love, Grace, Peace and Compassion. With guidance we sit in stillness embodying the qualities we and our Allies bring to the Islands of Calm we nurture in ourselves and each other.

From the single Islands of Calm we started with in 2020, we feel now like we inhabit Archipelagos of Calm that reach out across our spheres of influence, and this week offered the calming essences of: mycelium of love, connection, fellow travellers, circles of care, coherence, awakening and gratitude. We invite you to join us on our Archipelagos of Calm, Saturday mornings on Zoom at 9am GMT. Just send me an email via Newsletter Contacts and I will send you the Zoom link.

Marilyn Hamilton