Findhorn is a community that embraces living within both Spiritual and Ecological values.

Spiritually and ecologically our community emerges from the 3 core Principles.

  • Deep Inner Listening – a spiritual /social/ policy calling.
  • Co-Creating with Intelligences of Nature – a social/ spiritual/ policy calling.
  • Working as Love in Action – a policy/ spiritual /social Calling

Each of these is kind of holographic of the other.

When I parse these principles into the Integral City Gaia’s Code of Care, I see the DNA for living:

Care for Self, so we Care for each Other, so together we care for Place and altogether we Care for Planet.

We practise these principles and codes through singing Taizé together – both in-person as before pandemic and after on Zoom – and now both.

When we couldn’t eat together we created the Zrunch and now Phrunch – finding a way to connect to each other even though we couldn’t eat together as when we joined a table at our Community Centre.