There are many interests that have and can attract people to The Park Ecovillage (TPE) Findhorn – sacred dance, animal whispering, Taizé, The Game of Transformation, or even Permaculture and Ecovillage Design and how to become CN2030.

Until the pandemic struck it was easy to sign up for courses, programs, conferences and residences that offered any and all of these interests. People came from around the world, connecting through their interest with each other. From these interests other enterprises emerged like GEN, Gaia Education and Game of Transformation, Facilitator training.

When lockdown happened the Findhorn Foundation and the community of Findhorn had to reinvent ourselves. We did this by leaning into our capacity for connecting through communities of interest. In the Park the community co-created Covid Action Group, we closed down f2f courses and slowly started online courses – Creating Findhorn Where You Are.

And although we took a Carbon Neutral research holiday for 2 years, as soon as we could collect data in 2022, we started our research again. We even just got our Collaboration Circle (of Findhorn Ecovillage organizations) to support our intention to become Carbon Neutral by 2030. From our Integral City 5 Maps we can track the resonance, coherence and emergence of these many interests.