At Findhorn Ecovillage we also have deep connections with non-human communities in our eco–region – like the Communities of Nature – it is not just humans talking to Nature – but Nature talks to us too. Dorothy MacLean was our Founder who established links with the Nature Devas. And her influence lives on. I recently have been communicating with the trees around our new Sanctuary – 4 Scottish Pines who agreed to release themselves to become part of the New Sanctuary – they confided they had been meditating with us for 25 years and would like to continue.

And just last week with an Apple Tree who had been grafted as a way to continue a life that couldn’t accommodate the new design. But the Life Force in that tree was so strong it communicated to an ex-Findhornian now living in Mauritius who reached out to me to enable the life force to continue by bringing together the whole village to transplant the tree. We brought together the Hinterland Trust Leader Jonathan Caddy (son of the Founders of FF), tractor, trailer, work party, the whole Park Garden Team, Volunteers, gardeners to prepare the new site, a new garden looking for fruit trees – plus the families and children the tree wanted to be with. We did this all on Valentine’s Day – so the tree is named Valentine now.