Findhorn website says from Personal to Planetary Change – so our practices are maturing from the local to the global. One practise I have initiated is the Islands of Calm Meditation – each Saturday. It was started to draw from the strength of the Subtle Realms to help us through the pandemic and lockdown isolation.

The Practise starts with a sharing (of turbulence and/or calm), Guided meditation embodying the qualities of spirit, culture, policy – silence for deep inner listening – and concludes with sharing and checkout of the essence of calm.

This is now growing into Global Cities/Towns/Villages of Calm and Peace on Earth Zones.

Another example is our annual Community Game of Transformation – where we choose individual angels and an Angel for the Community for the next year. This is a strength and reminder that Findhorn spirituality, society and policy are intertwined and that we are inter and intra-connected as a community.

From an Integral City perspective the social connections in our community arise from the interconnection of All for All. It is represented in our GPS – where inner, outer, culture, systems tetra-arise with strategic intelligences and contexting intelligences – all powered by the Evolutionary intelligence that pulses from the centre.