Because we are so connected through Communities of Interest, Living, Culture , Practise and Nature – in Findhorn spontaneous manifestations arise:

  • Replacement of the Firebird and finances to recreate it.
  • Purchase of Cullerne House
  • Design Inquiry for Sanctuary and Community Participation to rebuild.
  • Just Transitions Funding for Feasibility Studies
  • Moving the Apple Tree

Spiritually, Socially and Politically our community is a fractal of all the connections that arise from all 4 quadrants of Integral City and traced on our 5 Maps.

I have called this the Fractal Heart of a new global calling – Living Cities.Earth. And it is resonating with David Gershon’s Peace on Earth Zones and other global emergences like the Unitive Narrative that has even been adopted by the UN and Living Cities.Earth.

We are re-appreciating that Connecting in Community not only means that the Local is Global and the Global is Local but even that the Kosmic-Global-Local is the new connectivity we need in the 21st century. That has always been the strength of the Ecovillage Findhorn’s Connectivity in Community.

All who visited, learned, lived here have felt a higher calling to be of service to the Planet. And for Communities in the 21st century – that is what I believe we are called into – to know that we are Gaia’s Reflective Organs – that all the ways we connect through interests, living, culture practise and Nature – must be in service to the wellbeing of our beloved planet Gaia.

Let us close by reiterating Gaia’s Code of Care – as it is central to the connectivity of Community in the 21st C – a Journey to Spiritual, Social, Political Wholeness for a Group of People.

May we Care for Self, so we Care for each Other, so together we care for Places and altogether we Care for our Planet.