This is a Meditation in support of cities, towns and villages in the Ukraine.

Some of us have been inspired by the Ukrainian Ecovillages and the story they tell in this video about The Green Road that Global Ecovillages Ukraine have offered to city dwellers to find refuge and a new life.

As you start this meditation consider in this last week: What/how/where are you aware of turbulence in cities around the world – but especially ones you have connected with or heard on the news.

I was moved by my work with Living Cities.Earth this week – where key Russian co-founders reported connecting with colleagues in the Ukraine – and started to ask how can we help rebuild the cities in the Ukraine? So I was inspired to offer this Meditation as a start. So thanks so much for joining us today.

We start with a quotation from Eileen Caddy’s Guidance (Dec 30 Shine Forth My Little Lights). Eileen, one of the co-founders of Findhorn Spiritual Community and Findhorn Foundation said:  

Never sit back and feel there is little or nothing you can do to help the world situation. There is a tremendous amount you can do to help by the work you do on the inner in radiating Love and Light out to individuals, to countries, to nations and to the whole world. Day by day you do this and because you do not see any outer results you wonder if the work is really any good and if it does help. Let Me assure you that this work which is being done on the inner is simply tremendous. lt is holding the whole world in balance, so never cease, never let up in any way but carry on faithfully.

See the whole Network of Light all over the world doing this inner work, see every tiny spark of Light gathering together bringing more and more Light into the whole world situation. If each individual does its part and does it in faith, without always wanting to see immediate results, so does the Light grow brighter and brighter. So shine forth My little Lights until the darkness has been transformed and all is Light.


Get comfortable in your chair – with feet planted on Earth, sense Sky / our Source above you. Take a breath and feel the connection of the Centre of Universe right down though your spine, connecting you to the Centre of the Earth.

 Close your eyes or soften your gaze. Just breathe calmly and naturally.

Let’s start by bringing our awareness and presence wherever you are – in whatever human habitat where you live – be it a village, town, or city of any size – from micro settlement to megacity. Be aware of yourself and the place that holds you. Be aware of all of us and all our places. Let us include those who want to be with us but for whatever reason – whether that be conflict, climate, covid or other challenges or celebrations of Equinox or Spiritual Ritual – are remote from this session today (where we are creating special Islands of Calm to benefit Ukrainian cities).

 Let’s embrace the 4 Archetypal Voices of our cities – Citizens, Civic Managers, Business and Innovators, the 3rd Sector or Civil Society. Let us acknowledge all the cities towns and villages in the Ukraine we know of personally or hear on the news – Kyiv, Kherson, Kharkiv, Bakhmut, Mariupol (and others you may name to yourself) . Let’s acknowledge and bless all who are caring and acting for Gaia’s wellbeing in these places, ecoregions, nation and their connections to neighbours, cultures and geographies.

 Now feel and experience in and around you the Light and Love of your unique beingness, the Light of your individual sacredness, however you envision and experience that. Let that Light arise and hold each of us in its Grace and loving embrace…. Sense that Light filling all aspects of yourself, your cells, the energies that flow through them, your feelings, mind, subtle body, soul and spirit, your whole presence from the most particular part of yourself to the most expanded. Rest in the Light and Love and Grace of this presence of your Self, and in the Light and Love and Grace of the sacred that lies at the heart of all things.

Feel and experience yourself also embedded in the life and being of the Earth and her human habitats…even those that seem physically far away – let us sense how we are connected with them because we are a generative part of the biosphere, a generative part of the noosphere, a generative part of the subtle dimensions, a generative part of the spiritual dimensions, a generative part of a vast planetary exchange of Life and Love and Light.

 Now begin to focus on the qualities and energies you would like to bring to this work of subtle activism for Ukraine’s’ cities, towns and villages today…   Maybe a presence of Peace, Unity and Love … service, belonging and regeneration … maybe caring for Others, Place and Planet … maybe healing, wholeness and community … maybe compassion, grace, forgiveness … Maybe a combination of qualities. Maybe even a sense that all is evolving – even though we may not see how –  for Gaia’s wellbeing…

Whatever qualities or energies are calling you, step into them now, as much as you are able. Bring the felt sense of them into your heart and mind and body. Let yourself become a living presence of these qualities.

 Now imagine the felt sense of these expanding outwards to form a sphere of energy around you, around us, around Ukraine’s cities. This is an Alliance Space, a collaborative space.

 Into this space, invite Allies in today’s work of subtle activism, beings who are working with different elements of Ukraine’s human habitats. I am going to name some of these beings Angels – you may have another name for them – they are all welcome by whatever name. I am going to start by calling in our Ancestors. I call in the Landscape Angels, Gaia’s Local Representatives. Angels of our human habitats and bioregions … Angels of our city, town or village associations, agreements, governments. The Angels of our cultures, communities, outreaches and our families. The Angels of our Seasons and Cycles. Beings from the 4 Directions. Beings of Nature, Earth, Air, Fire, Water. The Sidhe. In particular, open to the presence of: the Soul of the Ukraine, the Souls of her human habitats, the Soul of Humanity and the Soul of the World – those presences that hold an unfolding promise and potential of what Ukraine and the world can be…

Sense these Allies with you, with us, with all Beings in Ukraine’s places… let our energies blend in a collaborative field, and sense that field deepening and broadening as we do this.

 From this space, hold Ukraine’s cities/towns/villages, bio-regions and nation at this time, allowing the energy and presence of this field to hold and bless what is happening and unfolding… in your heart and in your imagination touch or hold whatever situations or people or groupings call your attention…

And for the next while, just hold the presence and energy of this collaborative field clearly and steadily in yourself, allowing it to be a resource and blessing wherever it is needed in the Ukraine….

 And we will pause here so we can do this together in silence ……

 Now begin to bring this work to a close…. Give thanks and appreciation to all involved… then bless and release all who have helped and been part of this field supporting our cities, towns and villages…

Then consciously step out of the Alliance space and return your attention to your own energy field and presence… bring your awareness back to your body, to the Light that fills it, that supports your boundaries and your unique presence and identity. Experience yourself grounded and balanced, and when you are ready, open your eyes and return your awareness to your room.

Thank you.



Listen to the Meditation guided by Marilyn Hamilton at this podcast link .

***This meditation was inspired by David Spangler, Lorian Founder and Mary Inglis, Findhorn The Park, Forres, Scotland.

David said that we could influence up to 1000 other people if we found islands of calm in ourselves.