So much is happening in the world – including/especially in the world of cities. I have a deep impulse to reconnect with you all. I invite us to a Solstice family gathering to share how the evolutionary impulse of Integral City Meshworks is flowing through our lives.

A perfect opportunity has arisen for us to meet during World Unity Week (WUW) 2023. Integral City Meshworks joins Living Cities.Earth and The Hague Centre to host the WUW Meshworking Cities and Ecoregions Convergence Room.

Thanks for finding us here: WUW/Living Cities Earth Zoom Room – Meshworking Cities and Bioregions Convergence

Time: Jun 20, 2023 07:00 – 9:00 PM Amsterdam/6 PM London/ 1PM New York/ 10AM Vancouver

Here is the YouTube link to the Recording of the Event : 

Integral City has new relationships to share as co-founders of Living Cities.Earth (LCE). We would love to tell the story of a series of initiatives that have unfolded over the last year.  LCE was an early responder and outcome of the Russian/Ukrainian war – attracting the Integrally informed 4 Voices from Cities across Europe and now from around the world.

We are asking ourselves, “How can we human well, together? How can we create the life conditions for healthy, happy cities in harmony with nature?”

As LCE has passed the 60 co-founder mark, we want to invite the Integral City Family into this space as Friends of Living Cities.Earth – to learn how are you humaning well?  

Please come to this Open House online event – for 15 minutes, ½ an hour, or the whole 2 hours! Visit us any time from 7 to 9 PM CEST in our June 20 Convergence room –  greet your friends, share a story, bring a question, reveal a discovery, announce a course, invite collaboration.

Let this be a beautiful Solstice Gathering of the Integral City family that energizes the souls of our families, clans, tribes, communities and cities. You don’t need to RSVP (but you can to

Let’s surprise ourselves and see who can’t resist a good humaning well kitchen party!! See you soon.

Marilyn Hamilton
Founder, Integral City Meshworks