Collaborating With the World

For the majority of human history human evolution has been intertwined with the evolution of the world in which we have found ourselves.

Emergent from the star systems that formed our solar system and our planet we embody all the elements that have created the conditions that evolved us. We embody:

  • Primordial Energy Source (Marko Pogacnik’s Dragons)
  • Sub-Atomic Particles
  • Atoms, Molecules, Gases
  • Inorganic Lithosphere (rocks, minerals)
  • Inorganic Hydrosphere (oceans, lakes, rivers)
  • Inorganic Atmosphere (climate systems)
  • Organic Biosphere (plants, animals, insects)
  • Anthroposphere
  • Civilization (bio, psycho, cultural, social)

As civilization have evolved humans have co-laboured in increasingly complex ways (see Thoughts On Collaboration 1). As we have co-laboured the thoughts, culture, systems have co-developed with us. Most Indigenous peoples have creation stories that recognize their indigeneity is deeply connected to their eco-region and the planet. Our worldviews, mindsets and value systems reflected the “witness” of our lives. Co-Labouring always involved co-labouring with the World around us. This form of labour was a sacred relationship with the Earth.

Until the emergence of our capacity for making tools lead us into a time where our labour severed the sacred relationship with Gaia – instead of realizing that we are tools of Gaia. When our tools of agriculture enabled our colonies to co-labour with plants, animals and humans – disregarding the Sacred Whole – we disconnected from the lineage on which all life depends.

The apparent effectiveness and efficiency of this co-labouring era lead to such a concentration of Earth wealth into villages, towns, cities that our Human Environment Boundary became disconnected and seemingly impervious to our Earth-Cosmos Boundary.

Human-centric collaboration produced ever-more complex Human Co-Labouring Organizations (See Map 4) but forgot the interpenetration of human systems with Gaian systems (Map 2) and the Sacred Energy Flows of Life (Map 5). But now that the science that has evolved out of human consciousness has revealed how Quantum Reality reflects the power of Spiritual Source we are faced with resuming Co-Labouring with Gaia to deepen our relationships with Earth as Mother now labouring to bring forth a new sphere – the Philiasphere – the Love Sphere (per Marko Pogacnik) of the Sphere of Gaia Care.

With every VUCA disaster that humans are challenged with – Humans are being reminded that we are Evolutionary Organs of Gaia (James Lovelock). Gaia is in a mighty new time of labouring – she asks us to return to co-labour with her – so that with the Light of Consciousness with which she has  evolved us – co-labouring with Gaia, we can enable her to birth a sphere of Love, Peace, Light for all Life.