In 2011 I wrote an article, published in the Integral Leadership Review, that is integrally interwoven into my thoughts on Collaboration. I explore the question “Where are the Women in the Integral Movement?”  It provides the roots of my thoughts in this series about Radical Collaboration – and perhaps it profers the most radical explanation of why and how women collaborate with themselves as women and the feminine, men and the masculine and with Gaia herself.

Here is the abstract.

“This article explores and seeks to answer the question Where are the Women in the Integral movement? The author utilizes the principles of “Five Deep” exploration from Beck and Spiral Dynamics along with Wilber’s AQAL model to explore circumstances that, she proposes, may have produced a mismatch in stage development between women and men. With reference to Baron-Cohen’s notion of “Essential Difference” the author will also offer an evolutionary explanation as to where the integral women are now and why/how women’s spirit, which has historically risen in times of world crisis, may be rising once again.

In answering “Where are the Women? “, the author explores five strata in the gender landscape: the horizontal strata of behaviors and actions; the vertical strata of structures and stages; the cultural strata; and the psychological strata and puts them all into the context of whole person epistemology and co-created life conditions.”

Women Who Collaborate AS Gaia: Jude Currivan, Diana Claire Douglas, Ellen van Dongen, Anne-Marie Voorhoeve

In 2013 I followed up the article on “Where are the Women?” with a blog –

Re-Gendrification? Saging Conscious Beings? Shapeshifting Species?

Its summary still holds strongly today and gives clear guidance on how to Co-laborate AS Gaia. …

Shapeshifting the Species
Some people have asked, “Where are the women?” in the Integral Movement.  … They are researching the resilient realities of their particular typologies; they are inventing new structures for human performance; they are creating cultures that believe in perspectives that embrace the invisible with the visible; they are learning the power of their individual consciousnesses; they are grasping the leverage of their collective consciousnesses; and they are linking the interior epistemologies with the exterior epistemologies of the integral realities. Ultimately, they are becoming the Sages shape shifting not just women (and men) but the direction of the human species.

Where are the women? – change your ways of relating to the world and you will find not just the women but the new Sages of our species:

1. Look through the epistemologies that women use to relate to the world.
2. Recognize and transcend the evolutionary structural boundaries that have privileged dominator cultures, then emerged social networks and now see the new territory that has opened up in the systemic flex-flows of an integral worldview.
3. Appreciate the triple helix of the evolutionary trajectory of the species so that you can see how both men and women have co-created each other and life conditions for evolutionary survival, adaptiveness and reproduction.
4. Create the conditions of safety so women can let go of old patterns buried deep in their cultures and psyches so they can reconnect with the source of being and becoming and shift from identification with their gender to being fully conscious human beings.
5. Appreciate that life conditions vary around the world and each person, family, clan, community, country and geography are co-creating new conditions for our next evolutionary emergence as fully conscious human beings.

Read the full article from which this was extracted here.