About Integral City

Integral City Meshworks is a global constellation of communities of practice that nurtures cities as human hives. Launched in 2005, and now in Canada, USA, UK, Netherlands, Spain, Russia, Mexico, Australia and South Africa, we connect the 4 Voices of the city to energize relationships, that unify visions and develop eco-regional resilience strategies for hive wellbeing. Through placecaring and placemaking we inspire a Planet of Integral Cities as living, integral, evolutionary human systems, to become Gaia’s Reflective Organs.

How Is Integral City Meshworks Organized?

Integral City Meshworks Inc. is a social enterprise. It has a corporate body, a constellation of wisdom circles and communities of practice and a website expression. This is the website.

Integral City Meshworks Inc. is the organization that stewards and AQtivates the endeavours inspired by the paradigm of the Integral City that has been explored through the creation of many Resources (including the book Integral City: Evolutionary Intelligences for the Human Hivethe Blog, numerous articles, conferences and workshops.

This whole endeavour is generally referred to simply as “Integral City” but certain explanations describe it in more detail.

An Integral City paradigm views the city as a whole living system. It is the Human Hive. Like the beehive is for the species of the honey bee, the Integral City is the collective habitat for the human species.

An Integral City integrates qualities that create optimal conditions for human innovation and emergence and eco-regional resilience.

An Integral City:

An Integral City meshworks evolutionary intelligence to think about, act in, relate to and work towards creating the healthy city of the future as the process of creating the Human Hive. We view an Integral City through four perspectives, with a systems thinking level of awareness.

Who Does Integral City Serve?

Integral City serves all those who are interested in creating vibrant, healthy and happy cities, primarily in four broad sectors:

  • Urban professionals: Those involved in creating, maintaining and growing cities, within and outside government structures
  • Businesses: Doing business in cities
  • Non-profits and NGOs: Serving social and religious missions in cities
  • Information and cultural organizations: Those involved in their cities’ news, information, arts and entertainment

Within these categories we offer information, training and services that meet the needs of a wide range of interest, authority and influence, from front-line practitioners, to decision makers, to “deal makers” and high level influencers.

Vision, Master Code, Mission and Values

Integral City has an inspirational and comprehensive vision and mission. We live by a Master Code and a clear set of principles and values for how we engage in the world. We encourage you to learn more by visiting our Vision, Master Code, Mission and Values page.

About Marilyn Hamilton

Author of Integral City: Evolutionary Intelligences for the Human Hive, and the Integral City book series, Dr. Marilyn Hamilton is the Founder of Integral City Meshworks Inc. and TDG Holdings Inc. Marilyn leads a practice community using Integral City frameworks and practical tools to support multi-stakeholder groups in transforming their whole city and eco-region into habitats that are as sustainable and resilient for humans as the beehive is for bees. Her Integral City approach incubates transformation strategies for City Staff, Civic Leaders, Civil Society, Business Entrepreneurs and Community Participants that integrate their contributions with Purpose, Place, Priorities, People and Planet.

As Thought Leader and Project Leader Marilyn calls herself an “AQtivator“. Marilyn leads teams to develop integrated resilience strategies that optimize official city plans and sustainability goals. She aligns multiple capacities with Environmental, Economic, Social and Cultural Capitals. She energizes Community Engagement, focuses Decision Making and designs Dashboards for Monitoring City Performance and Managing Risk.

Click here to read Marilyn’s full bio.

Constellation, Communities of Practice and Board of Advisors

Throughout the evolution of Integral City energized nodes of Integral City practitioners, core groups and associations have constellated into wisdom circles and communities of practice.

Click here to find out more about the Integral City ConstellationCommunities of Practice and Board of Advisors.

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