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A Brief History of Integral City

Integral City Logo History

Integral City has evolved through a number of stages. From an exploration of human systems at the city scale. To prior versions of websites. To a book. To the production of 36+ module online webinar. To sponsorship and presentations at many conferences. To publication of articles, conference proceedings, methodologies and creative expresssions.

Throughout this evolution the “Endeavour” of Integral City has evolved into energized nodes of Integral City practitioners, along with core groups and clusters of people who have contributed to birthing a new way of thinking, acting, relating and creating the city.

As a living system, we have come to see these nodes, cores and clusters as a Constellation of energies, capacities and interests.

Integral City logo TurquoiseConstellation Corps: Gaia’s Human Hive Integrators

A core energy node and wisdom holder group lies at the centre of this constellation, acting as a magnet and a strange attractor to the larger constellation.

This Constellation Core is also a Constellation “Corps”, evolving from individual intelligences  of “I’s” into the first faint outlines of a collective intelligence of WE. (We have written a chapter about this experience that was published in book Cohering the Integral We-Space: Engaging Collective Emergence, Wisdom and Healing in Groups.)

Early on, we named this wisdom holder group Gaia’s Human Hive Integrators (GHHI). You can find out more about the GHHI Constellation Corps here.

Integral City logo compass rose

Global Constellation

The Integral City constellation has expanded as other endeavours have been initated by early adopters who have emerged around the world, as individuals and organizations . They have researched, experimented with and implemented aspects of the Integral City paradigm into projects, conferences, and city fabrics. Many have become their own Communities of Practice, adapting expression and organization to suit their local life conditions. We are energized and inspired by the emergence of these international Communities of Practice. (Click on the zone for more information.)

gpsBoard of Advisors

Integral City intelligences have grown under the influence of a remarkable community of integrally informed

Advisors and Meshworkers.

Learn more about these inspiring pioneers here.

Spheres of Influence

The Integral City constellation has attracted interest from other Spheres of Influence which have invited alliances, alignments and affiliations.

They have generally shared common interests in using and applying the Integral framework to living systems at scales that resonate with the Integral City Scale. Two of the most active spheres include one focused on Reinventing Organizations (Enlivening Edge) and the other on Inventing Global Ecovillages (Global Ecovillage Network. (Click on the links below for more information.)

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