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Integral City logo TurquoiseGaia’s Human Hive Integrators Define their Purpose

We are integrators of Integral City Wisdom in service of the wellbeing of Gaia, the Human Hive and the Planet of Cities and Eco-Regions.

Our wisdom holder group, as an expression of the Spirit of Integral City, senses, responds and amplifies We-space scaling from the Space Inside of our Selves and our prototype of the Human Hive Mind, through Spaces Outside, to the Planet of Cities, to the Morphic/Knowing Field, all in service to the Wellbeing of Gaia and the Great Mystery.

We-Space, Integral City and the Knowing Field

We-Space and Systemic Constellation Work have become an intimate part of Integral City’s GHHI Community of Practice, informing our core purpose, intention and commitment to co-create conditions for the emergence of the Integral City.

Our wisdom holder group has explored the paradoxical nature of the relationship of individuals’ awareness, collective awareness and emergent field awareness in the context of the city being both a Human Hive and Gaia’s Reflective Organ.

As We-space, we see ourselves as a prototype of the Human Hive Mind – developing through 6 steps:

  1. Individual transition
  2. Noticing We-space as a presencing of the Human Hive Mind (HHM)
  3. Exploring space inside, space outside, space between, and expanding our boundaries to include the Mystery and the field of HHM.
  4. Co-Creating New stories
  5. Facilitating Systemic Constellation Work; opening the Field
  6. Debriefing process of Systemic Constellation Work

Systemic Constellation Work (SCW) frames research and development, in the Knowing Field (aka morphic field) that expands our ways of knowing and supports presencing, prototyping and processing, allowing us to integrate, align and synergize multiple elements, entities, interests and motives, to create healthy, dynamic, comprehensive solutions to complex problems within rapidly changing complex environments.

While our We-space has become an expression of the Spirit of Integral City, we also see this We-space scaling from the Space Inside of our prototype of the Human Hive Mind, through Spaces Outside, to the Planet of Cities, to the Morphic/Knowing Field, all in service to the We-space of Gaia and the Great Mystery.

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GHHI Corps Team

joan arnott 1 cropJoan Arnott lives in Surrey BC Canada. Joan “thinks like a planet”. She facilitates deep reflective processes for leaders that expand world views, consciousness and community. She draws on 30 years of wisdom gathered as an executive, management consultant and leader, combining global, evolutionary, spiritual and practical perspectives with her wholehearted willingness, integrity, and frontier experiences.  Joan has collaborated on practical and visionary projects with IONS, UNESCO, UN-Habitat, health care, government, crown corporations, community agencies, the forest industry, non-profits and private business and is known as an adept Listener.  She graduated in the Geo Justice Track, in a program delivered by Brian Swimme and Matthew Fox that focused on cultural, spiritual, social & ecological issues with a kosmocentric perspective (1988-1989). Since then she has integrated spiritual presence and subtle energy awareness to bring the sacred dimension fully alive in her life and work.  Joan is part of the Integral City Core Team, and was on the Integral City 2.0 Online Conference 2012 Team. Central in her life is family and community gardening.

alia photoRev. Alia Aurami is located in the Seattle area, USA. She is Head Minister of “Amplifying Divine Light in All” Church. Alia is an “evolutionary amplifier” for all Integral City Endeavours.  Her primary ministry of fostering humanity’s capacity for living in shared higher consciousness (http://exploringsecondandthirdtier.blogspot.com) includes helping organizational leaders operationalize Turquoise worldview (http://organizationalintelligences.blogspot.com.) She serves the team of Enlivening Edge, co-creating living examples of a world with next-stage organizations. Within Enlivening Edge she energizes the roles of Volunteer Coordinator, Copy Editor, Community Building and People Support.

cherie beck photoCherie Beck is located in the Washington-Baltimore area,USA. She builds on a career as Executive Account Manager architecting technology based systems to solve business problems. Conference Operations Co-Pilot and Sponsor Liaison for Integral City Online 2.0 Conference 2012, Cherie is a pioneer of the application of human potential and culture change to projects involving leadership skills, personal development and organizational dynamics.  She is master practitioner and trainer of Spiral Dynamics integral; an emissary for Strauss and Howe’s work on Generations and cyclical change; and a certified executive coach.  She contributes to several think tank organizations on human behavior issues and the design of emerging social and governing structures. Cherie is currently involved in a start-up company to engineer change initiatives and communication strategies assisting business and communities in the adaption of innovative and revolutionary technologies in the city.

Diana Claire Douglas MEd, Integral City Meshworker of the Year 2018 lives in Ottawa, Canada. She is Systemic facilitator, coach and consultant, (for individuals, families, organizations, and the collective), founder of Knowing Field Designs: Aligning Human Systems with Life, social architect, artist and author. She is an adult educator, counsellor, publisher and since 2009 facilitator of Systemic Constellation Work (SCW). She is the lead constellator on the international core teams of Integral City and THC-The Hague Centre for Global Governance, Innovation and Emergence where systemic design processes are used regularly for decision-making, designing creative projects, and team building. She is evolving a new branch of SCW — called Constellating for the Collective. She has facilitated constellations at international conferences including INFOSYON2013 in Amsterdam, ITC2015 in California and IEC2016 in Hungary. At IEC2018 she was on the planning and facilitation team for the Big Community Constellation “Restoring Peace in Europe” involving 400 participants. She researches The Conscious Witness Project and publishes in The Knowing Field International Journal (Issues 19, 22, 26-33), the Integral Leadership Review and in chapters of Hamilton, 2017. Integral City: Inquiry and Action: Designing Impact for the Human Hive, Integral Publishers; and ed: Michael Brabant and Olen Gunnlaugson, 2016. Cohering the Integral We Space: Engaging Collective Emergence, Wisdom and Healing in Groups.

Beth sanders photo cropBeth Sanders MCP, RPP, MCIP lives in Edmonton, AB, Canada. She is a Civic Meshworker and City Planner. Beth is president of POPULUS Community Planning Inc., where she works as a registered professional planner across Canada with citizens, civic governments, business and community organizations striving to create the conditions for cities to serve citizens well – and citizens to serve cities well. Beth works for cities at every scale: she serves on the boards of her neighborhood community league (as past president), the Alberta Professional Planners Institute (as past president), and the Canadian Institute of Planners. She is the former general manager of the Brandon and Area Planning District (Manitoba) and general manager of the planning and development department for the Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo (Fort McMurray, Alberta), co-founder of the Center for Human Emergence (CHE) Canada and co-designer and co-host of the global, Integral City 2.0 Online Conference 2012. At every scale of system, Beth creates environments that allow people to focus and integrate their decision making by being wise, purposeful and calm amid competing demands. Beth is blogging her book in progress, Nest City: The Human Drive to Thrive in Cities, at http://populus.ca/plan/blog/, from Edmonton, Canada. http://populus.ca/plan/


Linda Shore - Website cropLinda Shore MA lives near Vancouver, Canada. She is a Human Resources and Succession Planner. Linda served as Director of Human Resources for Metro Vancouver for 21 years and provided strategic direction and management of the organization’s full suite of human resources activities, as well as leadership and guidance for the Human Resources (HR) department which was responsible for providing HR programs including: talent recruitment; employee benefits; job evaluation; labour relations; employee attendance & disability management; training & development; succession management (including leadership development, mentoring, Engineers In Training and coaching programs); change management; strategic planning; employee wellness; internal communications; HR business processes and systems activities; and community fundraising. She is certified with the Justice Institute of British Columbia for Conflict Resolution and was responsible for overseeing collective agreement negotiations with Metro Vancouver’s unions, and chaired initiatives designed to advance the working relationship between management and labour such as the Joint Corporate Leadership Strategy. Linda also provides executive coaching services.

ALICIA STAMMER PHOTO CROPAlicia Stammer is located in San Francisco, California. Alicia is an organization development consultant , energy healer and artist with over fifteen  years of experience guiding people and organizations through change. She previously managed an independent consultancy and is currently the Director of Organization Development for a large healthcare organization.

Alicia is completing doctoral studies with a focus on “We-Space Emergence”.She has been active in Bay-Area Integral in the San-Francisco area.

Ellen groter 06341deEllen van Dongen lives near Utrecht, Netherlands. She is Founder and producer of Lifemaps.NL. Her passion and the purpose of Lifemaps.NL is to nourish the self-learning and creational powers in people. Lifemaps are the intuitive instruments for self-discovery she developed to build an overview of a situation, question or one’s life. Each lifemap in the curriculum is a mini-course/ experience on a theme in personal life, business or creation & change, in which the overview built by the user is the starting point. She dreams about a vibrant earth, life-wisdom universities, a we-conomy and green cities. As a Biologist she has learned to look at reality as a living system. As a Client Executive at IBM she developed large scale new business in long-term partnerships. As a Strategic Advisor in Social Security in The Netherlands she played a role as a change manager, using a systemic approach, involving all stakeholders. In her own life she has found proof of how human beings are personal creators with much more (subtle) influence on their lives than ever imagined. She believes, that when mind, body, heart and soul are aligned and people are united miracles occur. As a person in search of her potential, her intention is to live the Master Code of Love: taking care of self, others, place and planet. Ellen offers everything with a smile, believing we are powerful, but as individuals we will eventually surrender to the grand and mysterious force of Life.

 Anne-Marie Voorhoeve lives near Amsterdam, Netherlands. Co-founder of Integral City Netherlands, she is Founder-strategic connector of The Hague Center for Global Governance, Innovation and Emergence. She is a strategist, social architect, innovative co-creator, experienced facilitator, expert in Spiral Dynamics integral and meshworking. She focuses on integral transformation of society into a sustainable world, with a balance of the masculine and feminine. As Strategic Connector and Synnervator, she played a key role in the development of the Centre for Human Emergence Netherlands (2005-2015). She works internationally with businesses, business networks, global organizations, educators, technology providers, politicians and NGOs designing and supporting complex multi-stakeholder projects that commit to meaningful and ambitious goals. She contributes to many networks: as Chief Creative Director for the Club of Budapest International Network, core team member of NETSPIRIT, co-founder of the School of Social Alchemy, member of GEF Global Education Futures and of the Europe Forum Co-creating Europe. Anne-Marie encourages and mentors people of all ages to make use of their full potential and creative power to (re)design their life/work, building the competence of individuals, teams and groups. She is certified SDi and SQ21 spiritual intelligence coach, and ECOintention practitioner, who improves the vitality and health of organizations and ecosystems. She is Laureate ‘Outstanding Peace Activist 2017’ of the World Peace Forum.

Pieter Wackers lives in Amsterdam, Netherlands. Pieter is a Pattern Developer at The Hague Center for Global Governance, Innovation and Emergence. He trained as a visual artist, focusing on public space, and often works in the area where visual art, design, and urbanism meet. He has over 10 years of experience in editing, directing and filming videos, and is now applying that experience to integrating video in social architecture.  One of his main interests is the future of cities, or the cities of the future. With team Innergy he won the architecture competition ‘Energetic City 2050’ with a design for the city of Arnhem in the year 2050. Currently, Pieter is a member of the core team of Integral City, and the Integral City team in the Netherlands. He is also a member of the international Projects Office of the Club of Budapest, and is studying to become an ECOintention practitioner.

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