Netherlands a Sentinel City- State for Integral City

Integral City has learned much about what makes a city integral as nurturing outcomes from many visits, collaborations, conferences and collegial inquiries in the Netherlands.

  • Amsterdam has been the location of video interviews that form key information points for understanding Integral City.
  • Amsterdam is also the site of one of our first Systemic Constellation Work – Amsterdam for cities.
  • Almere, a new city, formed from the sea 60 years ago introduced us to developing a whole based on the Almere Principles (documented by Alex van Oost) which have amplified the Integral City Intelligences.
  • Eva Lanxmeer is a world renowned eco-village dreamed and realized by Marleen Kaptein that lives like a human hive.
  • Arnhem (famous from the movie A Bridge Too Far) was the setting for Energetic City 2050, sponsored by energy distributor Alliander and inquiry designers, Karin Rikkers and Alex van Oost.
  • Utrecht is the location for Rabobank‘s head office. Rabobank, who is helping to reinvent organizations by reframing its key bank assets as relationships. Rabobank sponsored Integral City 2.0 Online Conference 2012.
  • Den Haag (The Hague)  is where Inner Space Training developed by astronaut Mindy Howard, designed for astronauts in the private sector (customers of Richard Branson and Elon Musk)
  • Amersfoort is the site of IDG’s IT Smart City Conference, and where Integral City re-framed Smart, Resilient, and Integral Cities for the Human Hive.
  • Eindhoven is the city that Urban Planner and Architect Cees Donkers (whom we met at Russia’s Urbanfest 2014)  reinvented the city from Phillips Manufacturing to Design City.

Integral City Netherlands – Meshworkers

Integral City has many colleagues in the Netherlands who demonstrate advanced Meshworking Intelligence. (Not surprisingly perhaps, since the country reputedly has more people trained in Integral and Spiral Dynamics skills than anywhere else in the world?)

Remembering Clare Graves’ caution that our journey [of interconnections] is “a never ending quest” here are some of the organizations and people who are actively living Integral City intelligences.

Integral City – Netherlands – Pieter Wackers, Anne-Marie Voorhoeve, Carla Onderdelinden, Patricia van der Haak, Marianne de Jaeger, Anita Floris , Peter van der Vliet

Centre for Human Emergence – NetherlandsFounder, Peter Merry, Lisette Schuitemaker and CHE-NL Community

The Hague CentreAnne-Marie Voorhoeve

Experience Integral – Anouk Brack

Urban/Agriculture Experts – Gaston Remmers, Lumina Horlings (University of Wageningen)

Rabobank – Jan deDood (ret), Harrie Vollaard

Impact Hub – Tatiana Glad

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