18 01, 2021

Cities Rising for a Regenerative World: Governing with Life-cycle Patterns

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Discover and explore the governing principles and structures that best support the local conditions of  your city/community functions. Reframing the role of cities as Gaia’s Reflective Organs This was a weeklong program January 11 - 15 convened by Integral City, Nest City, Ubiquity University and Humanity Rising ChatAction Group Overview Inspired by HR’s week of Bouncing Beyond to [...]

17 12, 2020

Is Regenerativity an Evolutionary Pattern?

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Living systems are defined by 3 characteristics: They survive They connect with their environment They regenerate. So regenerativity is fundamental to a living system like a city. As living systems cities,  regeneration in the city can be seen through all 5 Maps of the City. Map 1 reveals regenerativity through the process of [...]

17 12, 2020

Is Regenerativity a Cultural Relationship?

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Regenerativity arises from the relationship of the 4 Voices. As they connect in the city, they find the energy for change and in the process create a culture of regenerativity. The opportunity for regenerativity is always arising because the dynamics of the city mean the relationship between Citizens, Civic Managers, Business/Innovators and the [...]

17 12, 2020

Is Regenerativity an Act or Capacity?

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The act of generativity is centred in the act of creation. Creation arises when any two or more elements are brought together to reveal something new – something that distinguishes it from the source resources. The act of regenerativity indicates that generation happens more than once. It is an act that repeats itself [...]

7 10, 2020

Movers/Shakers/Makers/Carers Who are Making Our Intelligences Visible to Us

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As I have dialled into the multitude of digital nomad media, I have gradually discovered those who have clustered together edgy inquiries amidst the interstitial zones of the flow of change. I now notice many partial truths are lighting up the city. This morning I wondered if there is a meta-pattern to the intelligences? [...]

6 10, 2020

Breakdown Deepens, Divine Remix Stalls in the City

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One of the beautiful outcomes of the noosphere that has unfolded through the internet and the ecology of online media it has spawned is that we are no longer tied to the broadcast networks to curate our news. True enough the plural-cast media has shredded into a thousand-and-one channels that can be as narrow [...]

21 03, 2020

Riding the Wave of Death & Dying to Wellbeing

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Elizabeth Kübler-Ross drew the curve of Death and Dying in a way many of us recognize all change happens. Her curve maps the Change Process of Spiral Dynamics. It is the same cycle that Otto Scharmer uses for the U Theory. It is the same pattern I designed for Integral City Book 2 using [...]

7 03, 2020

Fay Blackburn Lived the Master Code of Care

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The greater Findhorn community lost a dearly beloved Master Community Carer February 24, 2020, when Fay Blackburn died. Fay, born in Yorkshire and a sometime resident in Canada had lived in Findhorn since the 1990’s. Since her passing, Fay has been recognized, mourned, remembered and celebrated in Findhorn meditations, Taizé singing, at the [...]

18 01, 2020

How Can We Create Cities of Peace When We Have Disturbed Gaia’s Peace?

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Gaia as a living being has organs for her body, brain, mind and heart. Great rivers, lakes and oceans are her veins and arteries. Rocks and mountains her skeleton. Prairies and soil are her skin. Fungi, mycelium, microbes and insects are her metabolic tracts. Forests, plants and gardens her lungs. Animals are her animators, [...]

13 11, 2019

Biomimicry Lessons from the Beehive for Hindustan U Architecture Class

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Dr. Marilyn Hamilton offered a lecture to Dr. Sheeba Chander's class in the Architecture & City Planning Program at Hindustan Institute of Technology and Science in Chennai, India, on October 30, 2019. Here is a picture of the class and the key images we used to illustrate how the honey bee offers lessons in [...]