18 01, 2021

Cities Rising for a Regenerative World: Integrating Coherence for Regenerativity

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Notice how you and we are mobilizing with regenerative action in ways that enable relationships of reciprocity with, within and from cities/communities, ecoregions and Gaia. Reframing the role of cities as Gaia’s Reflective Organs This was a weeklong program January 11 - 15 convened by Integral City, Nest City, Ubiquity University and Humanity Rising [...]

18 12, 2020

Reflective Organ Newsletter December Solstice 2020 – Cities Waking Up, Growing Up

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This newsletter is published quarterly using a cycle of perspectives on the Integral City viewed from: Planet, People, Place and Power. The theme of this issue is Power. Healthy caring becomes imbued with belonging and attachment that is experienced as deep love and spiritual connection to self, others, city and planet as inextricably [...]

30 08, 2020

Summit with Conscious Evolution 2020

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The time is coming soon! The third online conference "Conscious Evolution Summit" 2020 starts on October 10th for 11 days - and Integral City has been invited to contribute. Mark your calendar and summit with us. Internationally renowned experts like Marilyn Hamilton, Gary Zukav, Patricia Albere, Dr. Jude Currivan, Elisabet Sahtouris Ph.D., A.H. Almaas, Peter [...]

27 06, 2020

Listening to the Spirit of Cities …What is Needed to Make Visible a Global Network of integral Cities and Eco-regions?

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At the World Unity Week conference, June 23, 2020, Diana Claire Douglas systemically constellated (SCW) a question that has been growing in the Integral City Community of Practice since the beginning of the year. As Climate Change has both threatened cities and called them onto the world stage as key players in setting [...]

21 03, 2020

VUCA World – Contact or Contract?

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Contract can mean “to confirm an agreement” or “to reduce/diminish/withdraw in size”. In the English language it is ambiguous, paradoxical and ironic that the same word can mean both a positive affirming energy and a negative declining energy. In the VUCA world of a pandemic like covid19 both meanings of the word “contract” are [...]

8 03, 2020

Co-Creative Integrities – Ethos-making

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Making a Place We Can All Call Home: Wrestling with VUCA – Through Placemaking As Wellbeing By Design This is four in a series of 6 Thought Pieces by Ian Wight exploring his contribution to Urban Hub 20: Accelerating City Transformation in a VUCA World (curated by Marilyn Hamilton, published by Paul van Schaik, [...]

21 11, 2019

A Journey of a 1000 Miles Begins with a Single Story

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As I have travelled many miles in the last 2 months, I have had the pleasure and fun of learning from the many new friends and colleagues I have encountered. Many of those learnings will take months or years to unpack. But here is a sampler of stories that intrigued me and that I [...]

8 07, 2019

Integral City in Amsterdam: WeMakethe.City Better for All of Us

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In 2019 the WeMakethe.City Festival in Amsterdam featured the theme “Better for All of Us”. It is a week-long festival that expanded out from the city centre to include the wider metropolis of Amsterdam this year. The number of events enables the 4 Voices of the City to attend from morning to night exploring [...]

9 06, 2019

Manifesto for Integral City Climate Change Agenda for Organizations

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This article by Marilyn Hamilton is republished here with permission from Enlivening Edge - where the original was published June 7, 2019. See below for link to full article. On the way to co-creating an Integral City—one that is TEAL/YELLOW[i] in its design, operation and regeneration—we will have to recalibrate our understanding of what a Green [...]

4 01, 2019

The Manifesto of New Sincerity

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We are moved to start 2019 with the publication of  The Manifesto of New Sincerity, written by Oleg Lega. In a year when so many commitments are being drafted, challenged and made, this Manifesto calls forth the qualities that our Book 3, Integral City 3.7 proposes are needed to reframe our complex challenges: Caring, Contexting [...]