7 11, 2015

Discovering How Politics of Dignity Counters Politics of Fear

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In September 2015 the Centre for Human Emergence Netherlands explored with me a proposition: The politics of fear can be trumped by the politics of dignity, regarding refugees, immigrants and voters. We explored this question (drawn from Angela Merkel’s challenge to Europe in the face of the tide of refugees) using Systemic Constellation Work (SCW). [...]

1 07, 2014

Canada Day: Dance With the Maple Leaf Memelights

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  May we dance with the Maple Leaf Meme-lights as they vibrate with the resilient commit-ments of Life. May the Northern Lights from our flashing energy field radiate: beige to protect our individual needs for physical and spiritual safety and survival; and prevent harm to all individuals. purple to honour the traditions and heritage of [...]

10 01, 2011

Social Media Petition for Bees is Really for Humans Too

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Several Integral Citi-zens have alerted me to the social media activist campaign by AVAAZ currently underway. They are alerting activists that the honey bee is in peril from the effects of a toxic insecticide. This may be the cause of colony collapse disorder (CCD) (along with other contributing factors.) I have been tracking CCD for several years and have [...]

25 04, 2009

Flow: The Movie – An Integral City View

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  Flow is the story of water (rights) being privatized by Big Biz – esp. Suez, Vivendi and Nestlé (interestingly enough all European). These companies are all portrayed as vulture captilalists who are buying up water properties around the world and privatizing water as a commodity that is being re-sold at prices higher than oil. [...]