27 06, 2020

Listening to the Spirit of Cities …What is Needed to Make Visible a Global Network of integral Cities and Eco-regions?

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At the World Unity Week conference, June 23, 2020, Diana Claire Douglas systemically constellated (SCW) a question that has been growing in the Integral City Community of Practice since the beginning of the year. As Climate Change has both threatened cities and called them onto the world stage as key players in setting [...]

19 12, 2018

The Knowing Field and Constellating for the Collective

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by Diana Claire Douglas, Founder of Knowing Field Designs Systemic Constellation Work is a philosophy, a body of teachings, and an experiential and embodied process used to explore questions or issues, to test propositions and to design with the emerging future. There is a new branch of Systemic Constellation Work emerging—an evolution of Family [...]