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Follow the Energy, Find the 4 Voices: Discover the Power of Collective Intelligence in Your City


This webinar explores how the Integral City approach is energized by engaging the 4 voices of the city and finding the energy in the Master Code. It asks four key questions and shows how the answers allow you to start using Integral City processes and strategies with any city. The core questions are:

  • What is an Integral City?
  • Why follow the energy to a Vision for your City?
  • How do 4 Voices create Resilience for the Human Hive?
  • What is the Secret of the Master Code?


  • Discover the Power of Collective Intelligence and Open the energy corridors of your city


  • Pre-Assess: What is an Integral City?
    • Reflective Organ of Gaia
    • City Scale Intelligences
  • Discover the Beehive as biomimicry model for Human Hive
  • 4 + 1 Voices
  • Find the Energy in the Voices and Follow It
  • Secret of the Master Code
  • Post-assess: Where/Who are your 4 Voices? How do you live the Master Code?
  • Summary:
    • What is an Integral City?
    • What/Who are the 4 Voices?
    • Who/Where is the energy?
    • How do you live the Master Code?

Who is This Training for?

  • City/Community leaders
  • Integral City Practitioners, Catalysts, Meshworkers
  • Collective Intelligence and/or Social Holon Researchers

What Will Participants Get from It?

  • Integral City approach to the city
  • How 4 roles energize the city
  • Why follow the energy for resilience
  • Learn the Master Code
  • Understanding relationship between individual holons and collective social holons
  • Participatory exchange with other students


Marilyn Hamilton PhD CPA/CGA CSP

Event Dates and Times

Start Date/Time: [June 23/ 930 am pdt (sign on at 915 am pdt)]

End Date/Time: [June 23/1100 am pdt]

Number of Sessions: 1


Online – Register below


Complimentary, Introductory Course

Sponsored by Integral City Meshworks & Integral Without Borders

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