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4 Questions That Can Release Potential for Well Being in Integral City

Learn to love the questions themselves – Rumi


Join us in discovering how the answers to four simple questions can tell us the natural place to apply resources and energy to further the well-being of a leader, team, organization, community or city.


Humans naturally create complex living systems. We’ve found that a very simple, low cost, low technology approach provides clear insight into how resources, efforts and collaboration can be best invested to release the potential for well being of leaders, teams, organizations, communities and cities.


The power of this approach comes from the research-based diagnostic and predictive Integral City models (based on Spiral Dynamics and Integral frameworks). ICM gives insights into the way that people (teams, organizations, communities) naturally develop and how development gets blocked and how it can be unblocked. Like a prism that splits light, ICM shows the spectrum of potential within human systems of all kinds and how they can naturally emerge capacities for wellbeing. Come and discover how 4 Questions can help you release wellbeing in your life.


  • Learn 4 key questions to release potential


  • Pre-assess:
    • Integral City MeshSCAN Lite Survey
    • Integral Quadrants
    • Developmental Levels
  • Unpack the Integral City MeshSCAN Lite Survey (taken at the start of the program)
  • Understand the Data
  • Map the City
  • What’s next: 10 Steps for Integral City Emergence
  • Post-assess: What new lenses have revealed for your City?
  • Summary:
    • Integral City Lenses (Quadrants, Levels)
    • 4 Questions
    • Mapping the City

Who is This Training for?

  • City/Community leaders
  • Integral City Practitioners, Catalysts, Meshworkers

What Will Participants Get from It?

  • A view of the city from a holistic Integral City perspective
  • 4 Questions that reveal potential and dynamics of your city
  • How to apply Integral Quadrants to city scale human system
  • How to apply Spiral Dynamics levels of complexity to city scale
  • Use of a survey tool to gain personal experience of your own city
  • Participatory exchange with other students


Marilyn Hamilton PhD CPA/CGA CSP

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