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Integral City Learning Lhabitat: How Do We Attract, Strengthen & Engage Citizen Voice?


This is a 12 module course to train trainers (Integral City Practitioners) which includes a 3 module course for them to train Citizens.

To create an Integral City Learning Lhabitat for Practitioners so they can attract passionate,   purposeful Citizens and teach them how to strengthen their Voice and engage with the 3 other Voices operating to influence and create cities.

We use a design and practice methodology based in Whole Living Systems that is built on the Master Code for the Human Hive, a code which acts as the DNA of transformation:

  • Take Care of Yourself
  • Take Care of Each Other
  • Take Care of This Place/Planet

Practitioners in their city will be learning how to attract strengthen and engage the voice of the Citizen to be a key player in the quartet of City voices:

  • Citizens
  • Civil Society (including Not-for-Profits, NGO’s, CSR’s)
  • City Government/Institutions
  • Business/Organizations


The Objectives of the Learning Lhabitat are to create a learning system to:

  • prepare Practitioners for Integrator jobs in their city –jobs which don’t yet exist
  • create a new civil society Integrator Organization that works to support Citizen Engagement
  • empower Citizens for Citizen Engagement as a great need of their city (and all cities in world)
  • create a regular forum to bring together the 4 Voices of their Local City
  • support, develop and deliver on a regular/iterative basis, the voice of Citizens to express what they want (so their voice(s) is/are as strong as the other 3 City voices) at the same time that others can get what they want
  • create capacities for Commoning so that as Citizens we can become awake, become conscious to engage and interact with the other 3 Voices
  • create the laboratory and habitat (Lhabitat) where all Voices discover their (superordinate) common goal that reveals the vision and purpose for the City


  • Pre-Assess: What do you know about Integral City?
    • As 1-4 of the Voices
    • Master Code
  • Session 1-3: Integral City Learning Lhabitat: The Basics
    • What is Integral City Learning Lhabitat?
    • What is Integral City Master Code?
    • What are the 4 Voices?
  • Sessions 4-6:  The City as Human Hive
    • Human Hive as Biomimicry
    • 4 Roles as Innovation Generator
    • Passion, Priorities, Purpose, Prosperity, Praxis
  • Sessions 7-9:   Practitioners Learning & Living the Master Code
    • Take Care of Yourself
    • Take Care of Others
    • Take Care of this Place/Planet
  • Session 10-12:   Core Practices for Designing a Local Learning Lhabitat for Citizens
    • Attracting Citizens with Values & Purpose
    • Strengthening Citizens in Linking Priorities and Engaging with 3 Other Voices
    • Engaging Citizens as Vital Power in Prosperity of Human Hive
  • Citizen Training: This is the basic curriculum for Learning Lhabitat 2015 Practitioners to train Citizens to strengthen and engage their voices with other city voices.
    • Each of the three sessions will be delivered in 2 hour sessions, in a local Learning Lhabitat.
      • Take Care of Yourself: Learn Your Purpose
      • Take Care of Others: Linking Priorities and Engaging with 3 Other Voices
      • Take Care of this Place/Planet: Create Prosperity Feedback Loop
  • Citizen Evaluation: Citizen Participants will be asked to evaluate the course training through a survey
  • Post-Assess: PRACTITIONER TRAINING Outcome & Evaluation Summary:
    • Growing Caring Capacity Grows Carrying Capacity
    • Practitioner Evaluation is grounded in our understanding that cities who develop their caring capacity for self, others and place, are cities who develop their carrying capacity and their resilience for good times and bad.
    • Communities and Cities who Care have the capacity to rapidly respond and evolve into new ways of being and becoming together.
    • The natural power of the Master Code enables daily life and local and global wellbeing:
      • Care for yourself
      • Care for each other
      • Care for this place (on all scales up to the planetary level)
  • Practitioner Evaluation: At the beginning of Practitioner Training, Practitioners will be invited to co-create (with course leaders) the evaluation system for their successful completion of Practitioner Training.

Who is This Training for?

  • City/Community leaders
  • Integral City Practitioners, Catalysts, Meshworkers

What Will Participants Get from It?

  • Learning Lhabitats are an ongoing series of Integral City research projects, learnings, inquiries and experiments that have already occurred and will occur in the future.
  • Each Learning Lhabitat creates learning conditions for Integral City Practitioners, Catalysts and Meshworkers to research and develop a lineage of skillful means to wake up Passion, Priorities, Purpose, Praxis and Prosperity for the Human Hive in Service to our Planet of Cities.
  • Learning Lhabitats help people learn how to mitigate, adapt or resolve any challenge ( e.g. the 5 Big Threats challenging cities related to climate, energy, water, food and finance ) through:
    • Applying the Principles of Living Systems
    • Developing the special Intelligence which hastens Evolution
    • Applying the 4 voices of the City: citizens, civil society organizations, civic government/institutions and business
    • Using the Master Code of 3 Cares
    • Applying the 12 Intelligences of an Integral City
  • Learning Lhabitats are designed to develop and certify (through participatory action research) the skills of people who choose to become Integral City Practitioners, Catalysts and Meshworkers.
  • All Learning Lhabitats are founded on the intelligences and principles outlined in the book Integral City: Evolutionary Intelligences for the Human Hive.


Marilyn Hamilton PhD CPA/CGA CSP

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