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Recalibrate Care, Context and Capacity Building with 12 Intelligences of the Integral City


In this course we introduce the Master Code. We live this Master Code when we take care of our Selves, each Other, our Places and our Planet and experience Happiness. We use the metaphor of the Human Hive and compare it to the beehive to reveal the whole city in all its complexity. We propose that the Human Hive has 5 key roles that contribute to its wellbeing and offer an Integral City GPS Compass that locates and aligns the Master Code, city types, city intelligences, and city voices. We show a natural evolution in the potential of the Smart City, the Resilient City and the Integral City and how we can work together for the wellbeing of a Planet of Cities.


  • To show how we can recalibrate care, context and capacity for a planet of integral cities through the 12 Integral City Intelligences


  • Pre-Assess: How do you measure happiness in your city?
    • Measure 12 Intelligences in your city
    • Master Code as happiness index
  • Waking up the Human Hive happens when we live the Master Code: when we take care of our Selves, each Other, our Places and our Planet. This connects our Caring Capacity to our Carrying Capacity and is the core of wellbeing.
  • The metaphor of the Human Hive offers us an integrated whole picture of the city aligned with the Master Code (Self, Others, Places, Planet).
  • 5 Voices in the Human Hive contribute to city wellbeing.
  • The IC GPS offers key indicators for recalibrating our cities with the Master Code.
  • The Integral City GPS aligns City Wellbeing indicators with the Master Code. It aligns the natural evolutionary potentials and gives us the feedback to recalibrate Care, Context and Capacity for a Planet of Integral Cities.
  • Post-Assess: What types of intelligence do you see are strongest in your city? What intelligences are least developed?
  • Summary:
    • When we recognize how the Master Code is expressed in the 12 Integral City Intelligences then we create a path for the Evolutionary Intelligence of Care

Who is This Training for?

  • Traditional, Smart, Resilient City Planners, IT, Civic Managers
  • City/Community leaders
  • Integral City Practitioners, Catalysts, Meshworkers

What Will Participants Get from It?

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Marilyn Hamilton PhD CPA/CGA CSP

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