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Tools for Reinventing the Integral City: The Map, The Mesh and the Human Hive


This is a three module learning series about seeing the city as a whole. This course assumes that you already have some knowledge of the integral model. It explores the Three powerful images running through all 12 chapters of the Integral City book – the integral map, the meshwork, and the human hive.

  • The Integral Map discloses capacity of the city
  • The Meshwork discloses the complex of relationships
  • The Human Hive discloses the natural adaptiveness of the human species

This course will help learners to see the city as a whole system that adapts like a Resilient Hive; meshes Complex Relationships; and emerges Integral Capacity. Each of the 3 Modules includes: Introductions, a Mini-lecture, Facilitated Discussion, Q&A, Summary.

Modules & Objectives

Module 1 Objective(s)

  • Explore the Integral City as the Human Hive

Module 2 Objective(s)

  • Learn about the city as a The Mesh – short for Meshwork, Meshworking, and Meshworkers.

Module 3 Objective(s)

  • Learn about 4 Integral Maps reveal the whole city


Module 1 Program/Presentation

  • Pre-Assess: Review Articles on smaller human system scales:
    • Organization – (Associations)
    • Reframing Homelessness (community issue)
  • 12 Intelligences
  • Bee Hive as model for Human Hive
  • 4 +1  Roles of City
  • Master Intelligence
  • Post-Assess:
    • Thinking about the city of interest (that you know best or are more attracted to), how can you imagine it as a human hive?
    • In what ways are you a Conformity Enforcer?
    • In what ways are you a Diversity Generator?
    • How are you an Inner Judge? A Resource Allocator?
    • Where are the Inter Group Tournaments with your city (in 1 above)? What effect do they have on your city? you?
  • Summary:
    • 12 Intelligences?
    • Bee Hive / Human Hive?
    • 4 Roles?
    • Value of Master Code?

Module 2 Program/Presentation

  • Pre-Assess: Review Integral City Maps 3 and 4:
    • Self-Organization – Map 3
    • Structural Elements – Map 4
  • Meshworks in the brain sciences
  • Learning Models
  • Designing for Large-Scale change, Complexity, Sustainability, Resilience
  • Integral City as a Meshwork
  • Post-Assess:
    • Where do you see effective hierarchies in the city?
    • With whom have you shared a self-organizing experience in the city?
    • When have you experienced the emergence of a meshwork (that emerges by the movement of individuals forming groups, then forming networks, then forming communities of practice, then forming meshworks)? How important is this trajectory of emergence in the world right now?
    • In what ways do you think meshworks help explain complex patterns of behavior in the city?
  • Summary:
    • Maps 3 & 4
    • Meshworking Hierarchies
    • Structuring Meshes
    • Designing Complexity
    • Sustainability, Resilience

Module 3 Program/Presentation

  • Pre-Assess: Review Integral City Maps 1,2 3 and 4:
    • Map 1 is the classic integral profile of an individual
    • Map 2 is the nested holons of city human systems
    • Map 3 arises from Map 1 when we parse out the levels of capacity.
    • Map 4 arises from considering the structures embedded into the quadrants of Map 1
  • Finding 4 Maps in one
    • Hyperlinking
    • Rotating
    • Locating 12 intelligences
  • The 4 Maps
    • Map 1 captures the individual and collective existence all at once
    • Map 2 emerges from parsing out the various collectives that are conflated in Map 1’s LL and LR
    • Map 3 is an individual as a single holon which is then embedded in 3 examples of social holons
    • Map 4 structures are fractal – the map out the complex structures that emerge as human systems complexify
  • Post-Assess:
    • How does the Integral Map help you to observe the city differently?
    • How do you experience (think/feel) the city when you become aware of the 4 quadrants/eight levels?
    • What possibilities are opened up for you as an individual and/or a group member when you use an integral map of the city?
  • Summary:
    • Maps 1, 2, 3 & 4
    • Synthesis and granularity across maps
    • Seeing Tier 1 and Tier 2 for strategy development
    • Situating the 12 intelligences

Who is This Training for?

  • City/Community leaders
  • (Prospective) Integral City Practitioners, Catalysts, Meshworkers 

What Will Participants Get from It?

  • Module 1 reveals natural adaptiveness of the human species
  • Module 2 looks at the Meshwork of complex relationships and how they evolve
  • Module 3 discloses the capacity of the city through the Integral maps
  • Participatory exchange with other students


Marilyn Hamilton PhD CPA/CGA CSP

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Number of Sessions: 3




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