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Wake Up the Human Hive Beyond the Traditional, Smart and Resilient City


In this course I explore the relationship amongst Traditional Cities, Smart Cities, Resilient Cities and Integral Cities and how all four types of cities contribute to a more integrated whole picture of the city. I demonstrate that each city type has a distinctive source of power and how the 4 sources of power differ (through 3 external and 1 internal sources) and impact the city. This course links to another course in this series exploring the Integral City Intelligences through the GPS Compass that locates and aligns the Master Code, city types, voices and energies. I show a natural evolution in the potential of the Traditional City, Smart City, Resilient City and the Integral City and how we can work together for the wellbeing of a Planet of Cities.


  • To show how to wake up the human hive beyond the traditional, smart and resilient city


  • Pre-Assess: How do you measure well being in your city?
    • Human Hive & Happiness Metric
    • Master Code as levels of complexity: Care for self, others, place, planet
  • Waking up the Human Hive happens when we live the Master Code: when we take care of our Selves, each Other, our Places and our Planet.
  • The Human Hive embraces the relationship between 4 types of cities and how they are interrelated: Traditional Cities, Smart Cities, Resilient Cities and Integral Cities.
  • Each type of city is powered by different energy sources and the IC GPS offers ways to differentiate the city types and develop appropriate strategies.
  • The Integral City GPS aligns City Types, City Energies and city strategies. It aligns the natural evolutionary potentials of the Traditional City, Smart City, the Resilient City and the Integral City. It gives us the feedback to design strategies for wellbeing.
  • Post-Assess: What type of city do you live in? Traditional Smart? Resilient? Integral?
  • Summary:
    • When we recognize the patterns of city types, we can co-create the appropriate type of IT – the Integral Technology that will enable us to design cities for wellbeing.

Who is This Training for?

  • Traditional, Smart, Resilient City Planners, IT, Civic Managers
  • City/Community leaders
  • Integral City Practitioners, Catalysts, Meshworkers

What Will Participants Get from It?

  • Recognize 4 Types of Cities
  • Identify 4 sources of energy
  • Identify appropriate strategies for city wellbeing
  • Participatory exchange with other students


Marilyn Hamilton PhD CPA/CGA CSP

Event Dates and Times

This course was offered as a Master Class at Impact Hub Seattle’s Future of Cities Conference July 5-6, 2016

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