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Keynotes by Invitation

Marilyn and the Integral City Constellators are frequent guests at conferences – offering Keynotes, Master Classes and Workshops.

Topics are inevitably tailored to the conference audience – but often the approach brings fresh ideas to the whole Integral City Constellation.

In September, 2015, at IT Smart City Amersfoort, NL we explored the discourse that links Smart, Resilient and Integral Cities and how to recalibrate care, context and capacity for a planet of cities. The keynote is summarized in the series of blogs below.

Integral City: Wake Up the Human Hive Beyond the Smart and Resilient Cities at IT Smart City Conference

  1. Bee Hive Metaphor Offers Human Hive Disturbing Pattern of Survival?
  2. The Human Hive Reveals Patterns that Determine City Types
  3. Beehive: Biomimicry Patterns for Smart, Resilient, Integral Cities
  4. Human Hive: Roles & Types
  5. How Do We Locate the Smart City?
  6. How Do We Locate the Resilient City?
  7. How Do We Locate the Integral City?
  8. How Do We Power Up Our Cities?
  9. Integral City GPS Locator Compass
  10. Waking UP the Human Hive – Recalibrating With Happiness

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