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These Peer Reviewed Articles and Research Projects contribute to our understanding of sustainability and resilience in the Integral City. Left Click for link and/or Right Click to download pdf. The Research Projects are identified by their contribution to the integral four quadrant, eight level (4Q8L) research perspectives.

4Q8L City/Region/System

Imagine Durant, Harvest Reports, 2013-2017

Meta-Security in the Human Hive: Integrally Aligning Sustainability Responses

 Integral City Harvest Report for Integral Theory Conference 2015

Knowing Cities: Using Constellations to Discover the Emergence of Wellbeing in the Invisible City

Waking Up the Human Hive Beyond the Smart, Resilient to the Integral City, Keynote for IDG IT Smart City Conference 2015

Developing a Mature Neighbourhood Strategy

Regional Capital District Engagement, Education, Evaluation Strategy for Pedestrian and Bicycling

Citizen Advisory Council Engagement

Community Sustainability Strategy for Climate Change

Meshworking in the Human Hive

Generations in the Human Hive

Mapping the Values of Abbotsford, and Developing an Integral Vital Signs Monitor Prototype, 2010

Mapping the Values and Developing Futures for Leon Mexico, 2012

Developing Capacity for Leisure Services, Sports and Recreation

Maple Leaf Meme Project

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