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Collection of Videos

  1. Click to Watch Vimeo Recording of Interview with Marilyn Hamilton and the Future of Cities,  by Julian Gesser, Founder of Gaiaopolis

2. Humanity Rising convened Cities Rising for Regenerative World, co-hosted by Marilyn Hamilton & Beth Sanders Jan 11-15, 2021.

Here are the Ubiverse links for all 5 days with recordings:


3. This collection of videos features Integral City founder Marilyn Hamilton speaking about various aspects of the Integral City.

  1. Lecture by Marilyn Hamilton on Eutopias – for JFK University, Bruce Alderman Eutopia seres.
  2. Interview with Marilyn Hamilton, August 2020, by Gaurav Arora, Founder of XMonks, and Curator Coaching Conclave India 2020
  3. Humanity Rising Summit 2020 – Marilyn Hamilton Panelist and/or Moderator
    1. Day 20 Whole Systems Change—recording
    2. Day 56 Healthy Human Habitats—recording
    3. Day 67 Regenerative Economics—recording
  4. Weaving Labs – Learning Lab Capacities to Weave Living Systems
  5. Integral Europe Conference 2020 – Marilyn Hamilton – Accelerating Integral City Transformation in VUCA Times
  6. Marilyn Explains the Integral City GPS – Intelligences and Bezels related to Smart/Resilient/Integral Cities
    1. GPS 12 Intelligences
    2. GPS 3 Bezels for 3 Types of Cities: Smart/Resilient/Integral Cities
  7. Dr. Tom Henfrey Interviews Dr. Marilyn Hamilton for UrbanA Research
  8. Dr. Sheeba Chander Interviews Dr. Marilyn Hamilton re Ecocity World Summit plans
  9. Watch 2 Green Manifestos delivered by Oleg Lega and Marilyn Hamilton at Amsterdam’s 2019 WeMakethe.City Festival

Password for all video’s: WeMakeTheCity1!

After movie:




4. Watch Marilyn Hamilton’s Webinar Are Cities Evolving as Gaia’s Reflective Organs? Delivered with 3 Horizons University (H3Uni)   Password: H3UniHamilton

5. What is the Relationship between our Place in the Human Hive and Inner Work?

While in Budapest at the first Integral European Conference (IEC) in May 2015, Marilyn Hamilton was interviewed by Alex Howard of Conscious2 TV. They talked about her book Integral City, and the relationship between city life and inner work. 25 mins.

 Click on the image to play the video.

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