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Integral City works with the 4 Voices of the City to facilitate change and integrate systems for Place Caring and Place Making.

We integrate the wisdom, intelligences and capacities (including systemic constellating and facilitating) from our Board of Advisors, Global Constellation of Associates and our Constellation Corps Team.

Integral City Systems (ICS) integrate: Systemic Constellation Work (SCW) to gain insights of the invisible dynamics in the city; value management to gain understanding of the worldviews and patterns of relationships in the city; and development frameworks to design the next natural steps appropriate to the levels of complexity in cities of all sizes. ICS offers decision making systems for both Place Caring (the quality of life in the city) and Place Making (the built environment). ICS utilizes human evolutionary and values patterns and engineering techniques that optimize available resources for strategic outcomes.

ICS provides a common language for stakeholder participation, professional expertise and dynamic urban change. ICS meshes intelligences and technologies from integral, evolutionary and living systems approaches.

10 Advantages of Integral City Systems (ICS):

  1. ICS reflects natural patterns of change.
  2. ICS reframes and integrates hierarchies of complexity.
  3. ICS provides a meta-framework for other frameworks.
  4. ICS builds capacity: physical, intellectual, cultural, social, spiritual.
  5. ICS is based on research.
  6. ICS enables natural design.
  7. ICS uses four lenses: bio/psycho/cultural/social.
  8. ICS embraces multiple and diverse perspectives.
  9. ICS responds to horizontal, vertical and adaptive conditions.
  10. ICS offers a multidisciplinary platform for organizing resources, expanding capacity and improving effectiveness at all levels of scale.

Do Change with Integral City Services – Discover How We: 

  • Assess
    • 12 Intelligences
    • CultureScans
    • Family and Organizational Systems
    • Capacities for Change
    • States of Change
    • Preferences for Change
    • Priorities for Change
    • Risk
  • Map
    • Leadership Development
    • Community Values
    • Social Capital
    • Asset Mapping
    • Systemic Constellations
  • Build Capacity
    • Competencies
    • Performance
    • Resilience
    • Collaboration
    • Social Responsibility
  • Facilitate
    • Appropriate Change
    • Information Flow
    • Branding
    • Relationships
    • Processes
    • Structures
    • Deep Design
  • Plan
    • Strategic
    • Scenario
    • Complex Adaptive
    • Official Community Plans
    • Integrated Community Sustainability Plan Alignment
    • Tracking
    • Integral Scorecards
  • Design Wellbeing Indicators
    • Vital Signs Monitors
    • Organization Health
    • Community Wellness

For More Information or to Engage Us …

Find out more about our consulting services, or how to engage us –  go to the Contact page to tell us a little about your requirements. We’ll get back to you promptly.

Custom Training Services

We offer a rich variety of trainings that can be hosted exclusively for your organization and tailored to your organization’s needs. Trainings can be in-person or online. Costs vary depending on the program, location, and other factors.

Please go to the Custom Training page for a complete list of the custom trainings available.

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