Integral City Quality Of Life (QOL) Citizens

Who are Integral City QOL Citizens?

A QOL Citizen is the “I” and “mind” of the city. I want the city to offer me Quality of Life. It would be great if the city could be my community. I seek a neighborhood where differences are easily accepted.

I value my family and friendship bonds. I am tolerant and often seen as a humanitarian. I prefer to make decisions through consensus and I’m great at creating committees so that we can collectively meet the needs of others — both groups and individuals.

I am culturally creative and learn by watching how others act in the moment. I really enjoy living in the present. I like to believe that everyone is equal and we all should be able to live to our highest potential. I am comfortable expressing my feelings and I want others to do so too.

I stand up for the oppressed and fight for human rights and dignity for all.Even after 10 or 20 or 30 years of living to my culturally creative potential, I am often overwhelmed by the sheer weight of my economic and emotional drain. I have paid a lot of my own time, money and effort to care for others — with very little to show in return. Where I expected people to get their act in order and for things to finally get organized, I am constantly frustrated by lack of agreement, dysfunction and disorder.

I would just love to see less chaos and confrontation in the world. Some bottom line results would be nice for a change!! Often these days, I actually find myself longing for some operational efficiency and effectiveness. I know there has to be a bigger picture, a better way.

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