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hex_societyWho is/are Civil Society?

Civil Society represents the “we” and “heart” of the city. Our typical Civil Society represents cooperatives, foundations, institutes, not-for-profits, NGO’s and other agencies who have invested in the cultural and social capital of the city. They have been created by city fathers and mothers who want to leave a legacy for future generations. At the same time our city leaders are often recognized in our sectors for making plans, implementing strategies and achieving goals.

Our Civil Society Board Members are frequently financially successful and economically independent. We are achievement oriented and want to transfer our success to the city where we reside, to attract even greater success. We are up to the competition of other city organizations and even other cities. Politics is a natural environment and production and profit mean greater rewards for all.

An active Civil Society is an indication of a progressive and Healthy City and can provide benchmarks for city improvement. Civil Society Executive Directors and staff are inevitably motivated by similar drives and strive to implement and deliver the visions of Civil Society Boards, Steering Committees and citizen grassroots groups.

At the same time, Civil Society is becoming aware that financial asset accumulation is not the sole measure of our success. Quality of life, the development of community, and the recognition of social capital are all gaining in importance to Civil Society. Increasingly sensitive to the gaps that separate the haves and have-nots, we are creating new agendas for social change. We seek ways and means to integrate both heart and mind to create a Healthy City.

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