Integral City Map 1

This map shows how civilization in the city arises from both an individual/collective and interior/exterior expression (Wilber, 1995). The intersection of these two dimensions reveals four city realities that we can study through the sciences and label as set out in the table below.

Human Perspectives, Domains of Knowledge

1. Upper Left (UL): individual—beliefs

interior/ internal/ subjective/intangible

Aesthetics and fine arts (I)

3. Upper Right (UR): individual—actions

exterior/ external/ objective/tangible

Life sciences (It)

2. Lower Left (LL): collective—culture

interior/internal/ intersubjective/intangible

Social sciences (We)

4. Lower Right (LR): collective—systems

exterior/ external/ interobjective/tangible

Systems sciences (Its)

Map 1 has a series of “growth rings” that spiral out from the center along the diagonal axis of each quadrant, representing the eight stages of complexity referenced in Map 4. The outward pointing arrows on Map 1 indicate the vectors of change through these stages of complexity, expanding the four quadrants of the whole city outward from the core.

Map 1 is analogous to a “plan view” of human life and provides the perspective and altitude coordinates for what Wilber calls “Kosmic addresses” (Wilber, 2006).

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