Integral City Map 5: Spirituality in the City

Map 5 conveys the qualities of spirituality in the city. Its zones of Grace, Space and Place reveal where the core spiritual values of Goodness, Truth and Beauty are manifested. The Kosmic addresses of these core spiritual values of the Integral City have both vertical and horizontal locations.  Spirituality itself responds through these qualities and values in a holographic way as described below. (For more details see Chapter 1: Spirituality in the Human Hive: Involutionary & Evolutionary Cycle of Love

At the Resource level of city, spirituality emerges the manifest qualities of Beauty (UL), Truth (UR and LR) and Goodness (LL) that underpin human capacity at all scales. Resource holographically mirrors the core value of Beauty and the spiritual zone of Place. It is presenced through the container of the living human hive. It is accessed by Appreciation and enacted by Expression.

At the Field level of city, spirituality emerges the (contexting) qualities of personal and transpersonal energy that arises from subtle and causal memory patterns of evolutionary spiritual intelligence. Field holographically reflects the core value of Truth and the spiritual zone of Space. It is presenced by dynamic learning spiritual memory. It is accessed by Learning and enacted by Teaching.

At the Source level of city, spirituality exists as the Absolute, ever-present (caring) life force of spirituality that is non-dual. Source holographically emanates the core value of Goodness and the spiritual zone of Grace. It is presenced as the infinite ground of spiritual abundance. It is accessed by Stillness and enacted by Service.

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