With great gratitude to the gifts and lessons learned from three leaders who embodied so many of Integral City Intelligences, we remember with sadness the passing of

Dr. Don Beck, Hazel Henderson and Dr. Brenda Dunne.

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In Memorian: Dr. Don Edward Beck 1937–2022

Don Beck inspired thousands of people toward a new experience of organizational and personal empowerment through Spiral Dynamics (Spiral Dynamics Integral) (SDi), his unique values-based model that charts the evolution and emergence of human nature.

Conceived and led by Don, SDi is an advanced extension and elaboration of the biopsychosocial systems concept originated by the late Dr. Clare W. Graves of Union College, New York, and later developed as Spiral Dynamics—a model that Canada’s Maclean’s Magazine rather grandly dubbed “The Theory that Explains Everything.”

Don built upon Spiral Dynamics in the development of a powerful new conceptual system, called MeshWORKS: The Search for Human Cohesion in a World of Fragmentation, which enables the essential process of integrating, aligning, and synergizing resources, especially at the community and local levels, to meet the needs of people at different stages of development. (Meshworks)

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In Memorian: Hazel Henderson 1933–2022

Hazel Henderson, was an influential pioneering economist who imfluenced and shaped thinking about the intersections of economics, ecology, systems thinking, and feminism – that has influence a whole new cadre of economic theories – including the circular economy, Donut Economics and Regenerative Economics.

An independent futurist, environmentalist, and economic iconoclast, she argued that the conceptual framework underlying the discipline of economics has become so narrow that it has driven economists into an impasse. Most economic concepts and models are no longer adequate to understand economic phenomena in a fundamentally interdependent world, and current economic policies can no longer solve our economic problems.

In nine books, numerous essays, and countless editorials, Hazel drove home this point for over four decades with an intensity, brilliance, and originality that are still unmatched today. She challenged the world’s foremost economists, politicians, and corporate leaders with her well-founded critique of their fundamental concepts and values. Because of her special talent for presenting her radical ideas in a disarming, nonthreatening manner her voice was heard and respected in government and corporate circles; she held an impressive number of advisory positions and cofounded and directed numerous organizations, in which her new ways of thinking have been elaborated and applied.

Click here for the full obituary by Fritjof Capra.

In Memorian: Dr. Brenda Dunne 1944–2022

Brenda Dunne changed the world. In her work with Bob Jahn, they gave scientific credibility to ideas and phenomena that, despite being essential facets of the human condition, had become ostracized from mainstream science.

In doing so they created spaces for people to speak openly about their experiences, and they laid the foundation for new understandings that have begun to revise the way physics describes our universe, understandings that will continue to evolve for many decades to come. It is no wonder that at the end of her life Brenda had an uninterrupted stream of people sharing their concern, love, and appreciation from every corner of the globe. impacting it through energy, habits, lineages, traumas, and wisdom.”

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