16 08, 2013

Occupy the Voice of Civic Manager in the City

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Civic Managers gained the most empathy from the other voices of the ITC2013 Learning Lhabitat .  In the closing circle, Cityzens in particular, were heard to declare, "I never realized the role of Civic Manager was so challenging. I have a whole new respect for Civic Managers." Civic Managers Managing City Systems Here is [...]

15 08, 2013

Occupy the Voice of Business in the City

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Diversity Generators were in the majority at the ITC2013 Learning Lhabitat .  When participants introduced themselves by name, Human HIve (aka city of residence) and the Voice(s) of the City we found we had more voices from City Builders, Business and Diversity Generation.  This proved to be a great opportunity for this voice to demonstrate its versatility [...]

9 08, 2013

How Cityzens Occupy City Voice

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At the ITC2013 Learning Lhabitat participants introduced themselves by name, Human HIve (aka city of residence) and the Voice(s) of the City they most often represent. Cityzens Are Spirit of City Here is how the Cityzens described the voice of the City.  They recognized that the Cityzen voice speaks from the Integral City's [...]

9 08, 2013

City-zen-tricity: 4 City Voices Occupy Learning Lhabitat at ITC2013

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At the Integral Theory Conference 2013,  Integral city presented our (award-winning!!) paper and session on City‐Zen‐Tricity:
 Mission. Learning Lhabitat Going beyond merely presenting the paper (see the Abstract below) Integral City Stewards, Marilyn Hamilton and Beth Sanders, with Alia Aurami ... facilitated a Learning Lhabitat for participants to learn about [...]