23 07, 2018

Integral City Talks on IDA Radio, Tallinn Estonia

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In July 2018 Marilyn Hamilton visited Tallinn, Estonia. Marilyn talks with Estonian urban activist and imagineer, Teele Pehk about the roots and branches of Integral City. They have a lively discussion about the following topics. How she has developed her ideas from a small city in Canada near Vancouver; along with Seattle, Portland [...]

21 03, 2011

Systems and Resilience Cycles for Sendai Restoration

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How do you integrate five of the resilience models that I have used in Integral City?  How can they help us understand how to respond, repair and restore the city as a living system in disasters like we have seen this year in Brisbane, Christchurch and Sendai? Integral City(p. 43)  illustrates the four stages of the resilience cycle as they progress through [...]

24 01, 2011

Multiple Cities, One Location

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I have just finished editing an interview I did with one of Integral City's Advisors,  Will Varey, of Emergnc in December, 2010. It will be posted for readers' listening pleasure on Meshcasts later today. We had a most wide-ranging dialogue that explored cities as living systems. Will's grounding in sustainability provided a "pingable" trampoline to explore the ecology [...]

18 12, 2009

First News of Copenhagen Deal – Some BBC Quotes

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This first news from a deal at Copenhagen tells us that at least there is some political will amongst the key power brokers and deal breakers. The devil will be in the details -- but it offers us a gleam of hope.  Human Hives aka Mayors of key cities  around the world will no doubt need [...]