6 10, 2020

Breakdown Deepens, Divine Remix Stalls in the City

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One of the beautiful outcomes of the noosphere that has unfolded through the internet and the ecology of online media it has spawned is that we are no longer tied to the broadcast networks to curate our news. True enough the plural-cast media has shredded into a thousand-and-one channels that can be as narrow [...]

23 07, 2018

Integral City Talks on IDA Radio, Tallinn Estonia

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In July 2018 Marilyn Hamilton visited Tallinn, Estonia. Marilyn talks with Estonian urban activist and imagineer, Teele Pehk about the roots and branches of Integral City. They have a lively discussion about the following topics. How she has developed her ideas from a small city in Canada near Vancouver; along with Seattle, Portland [...]

21 03, 2011

Systems and Resilience Cycles for Sendai Restoration

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How do you integrate five of the resilience models that I have used in Integral City?  How can they help us understand how to respond, repair and restore the city as a living system in disasters like we have seen this year in Brisbane, Christchurch and Sendai? Integral City(p. 43)  illustrates the four stages of the resilience cycle as they progress through [...]

24 01, 2011

Multiple Cities, One Location

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I have just finished editing an interview I did with one of Integral City's Advisors,  Will Varey, of Emergnc in December, 2010. It will be posted for readers' listening pleasure on Meshcasts later today. We had a most wide-ranging dialogue that explored cities as living systems. Will's grounding in sustainability provided a "pingable" trampoline to explore the ecology [...]

18 12, 2009

First News of Copenhagen Deal – Some BBC Quotes

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This first news from a deal at Copenhagen tells us that at least there is some political will amongst the key power brokers and deal breakers. The devil will be in the details -- but it offers us a gleam of hope.  Human Hives aka Mayors of key cities  around the world will no doubt need [...]